Monday, January 18, 2016

A short post on new addition ♥♥

Hello!!! Some of you will have already seen photo's from me and others of this cute baby girl ☺♥

My boy Ray and his little daughter April Melody born 14th Jan 2016

The lovely Mum Lauren to this baby ☺☺

Another shot of course.......was testing out my camera, mobile and tablet and actually the tablet too the best pictures......

Staring at Daddy ♥

Mum enjoying a well deserved drink ☺

A selfie as you do lol 

The very happy parents ♥♥

All checking each other out lol 

So sweet and of course I am a little excited lol 

This pic and the next were with my mobile and quite blurry, shame.....

I did enjoy cuddling this precious little bundle ☺

We left them to enjoy the short time you have in hospital......

At home at 2 days old and Daddy was giving Mummy a rest.....lovely
Well I sure have enjoyed visiting this little girl and will make many more visits soon
♥♥♥♥ love to you all out there too ☺☺

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