Monday, February 29, 2016

A good fun birthday celebration

Oh yeah, look at this cute face.......pinched this snap off her parents, beautiful photo ♥♥
Hello again.....this time I am back with a quick fun birthday celebration we went to.......

It was a bit of a fancy we chose some clothes and bought a few accessories ☺

Yes, Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee with the Mad girl Sarah ♥♥ An Alice in Wonderland theme ☺☺

We were pretty keen to get to the Pancake Parlour for the lunch lol 

A lovely looking cake.......16th and this is for my Lauren's  Mum.....she is a leap year baby so, yep 16th ☺☺

My boy Ray, holding little April flower child, he was a Cheshire cat and his Lauren was ace of spades ☺

There was another Mad Hatter and deck of cards, actually there were a few mad hatters and tweedle dum and dee too ☺☺I searched and pinched some more snaps lol
The caterpillar and king and queen

The other mad hatter and queen

Tweedle dee and dum ☺

My girl again with Lauren's brother Anthony

A rather cute little grandboy from this other family's side checking out lolly bags lol 

I got to have a few cuddles, so I was a happy tweedle dee lol 

A group shot of us ☺

This is with my mobile phone not so good but still cute of course ☺

Mummy and baby ♥

There were a few rabbits that attended and even a carrot........

Denise the grandma to these cuties all singing happy can see the carrot in this shot ☺
Good fun family time......and some other pinched snaps below
Denise with Daughter Janelle, hubs Ryan and grandies

Big group shot, so many fun outfits for sure ☺☺

Us having fun and snaps with the tablet ♥

Lovely picture of her with that cake ☺

Little flower princess ♥

Denise and some friends ☺

Denise and her sister Janine 

Denise with other Nanny and little dressed up Alice in wonderland ☺

And of course April again with her gorgeous Mum Lauren ♥♥

May you all be having a good day today xoxo


  1. Wow, you guys go all out for birthdays, there! Looks like a faboo time was had by all.. that is one cute baby girl.. gram. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. This family sure does and love being part of it lol

  2. Great costumes, Wendy. You really know how to throw a fabulous party. Your little flower princess is darling. I don't blame you for wanting to cuddle.

    1. She sure is cute and not biased much and thanks Susan xoxoxo

  3. Oh goodness, I could eat her up with a spoon!!
    What a wonderful party. :)

    1. Yes we are quite smitten by her ☺ xo

  4. The baby is so sweet! What a stellar birthday party you attended! I enjoyed seeing your creative costumes and the happy gathering. :) xx


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