Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fun weekend visit to our house

Hello!! Look I actually completed something lol a nice face washer to add to my gift giving draw ☺
My best friend Lanie and Mark were coming to our home to stay 1 night and assist her daughter with child minding. She, Fiona and her Matt had a good friend's wedding to attend and it was not far from our home so they were going to stay here for 2 nights ♥ A roughly 2 hr trip for them to us.

Look at this dear bundle of Patrick and he is enjoying my old crochet blanket ☺  My Nanna made this over 5 decades ago ♥ 
Short story......his Mum and Dad came on the Friday night to stay and crazy events happening with them. They were in need of some extra sleep on Saturday morning so we had the delight of watching over him for a few hours ☺☺so sweet

This is Matt holding baby Patrick and he is married to my bff daughter ♥

Later on Saturday these 2 arrived......Mark and Melanie doing a grand job of grand parenting lol 
Pa and Nanny 

They had been looking after this little one, Scarlett.......and she came to visit us for the night and we had a bit of fun setting up my crazy dolls for a cute snap lol 

Her Mum and Dad had gone to the wedding with baby brother and left us Grands having lots of fun ☺

Such a sweet little girl with lovely dark brown eyes and reddish curly hair ☺☺

And look she really seemed to take a liking to Paul lol

Chatting and smiling at me, Nanny and Pa

And here is the only photo I got of her Mummy, Fiona.......she was busy with the Wedding being a bridesmaid and late night. And early Sunday morning going to a breakfast.....

Baby Patrick with his Nanny, lovely blue eyes developing.....

Goodbye baby Patrick ☺☺
The  young parents and kidlets left for their breakfast friends left just after and have now gone home to attend an afternoon birthday gathering back down their way.....2 hr road trip.....reckon we will all sleep well tonight lol 

And we found this little Rooster had been left behind......Good reason for either another catch up or just simply put in the post ☺☺
How has your weekend been? Yesterday (Saturday) was not too hot, but today is shaping up to another run of HOT days......
This Granny is going to be visiting and helping out with baby April on Tuesday so more fun times ♥


  1. You are always having so much fun with family, friends and lots of cute babies and kids! Love that curly red hair!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Thanks for letting us enjoy some glimpses into your happy household, Wendy! With all our traveling about and having folks stop by we often support the postal service returning treasures...or more often in my case having them returned :) xx

    1. Gracie, dont know why I can't email you back, thank you so much for visiting xoxo

  3. A house full of love and crochet! It doesn't get better than that!

    1. Astri!! yes it is wonderful xoxo


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