Monday, February 15, 2016

Fun with a dog and baby ♥

Look at this sweet little one ♥ Yes you are going to see many photo's of my grand girl ☺

We visited on Saturday and were able to take her out in the pram for a lovely walk ☺☺to try to give her Mum and Dad a little break......

Grandpa was way ahead with Trixie the dog ♥

There is Trixie, just let off the lead and ready to enjoy some running......

Racing to get the ball that Grandpa flicked for her.....

April enjoyed being in the pram outdoors and it was a pretty warm day ☺

Trixie waiting for Grandpa to pick up the ball again.....

Look at the ready action of both of them lol 

Took her about 1 second to get that far away, she is really FAST!!!

Thinking about sleeping lol

Sweet sleeping face ♥

And Trixie sure was happy with the outing of roughly an hour ☺☺and very tired lol
No pics of Mum and Dad this time but they have a daily vlog here if interested

We then headed into the city of Melbourne to stay the night....We were going to Draculas Restaurant to meet up with a few pics though

A few stairs down from the front door past the bathroom.....

This room even had a washer/dryer......

Convection microwave, dishwasher and gas cook top too.....we were meant to be staying in a more basic room a few blocks away but it got flooded so they upgraded us to this place and it was even closer to an easy walk that night.....we had lots of fun getting out to a fun place ☺

On Sunday we visited my Mum and a bonus was that the steam train was is run a few times a month, so sometimes I get to see it......You can see the fun halloween post here from 2014 ☺☺

Unfortunately it runs backwards when going to Mornington and then the right way round when it goes back to Moorooduc morningtonrailway link

But I was pretty happy just to be able to see it again ☺☺

Toot photo's today were all taken with my tablet and turned out great.....
Thanks again for dropping on in and may your week be a good one xoxo


  1. Wow.. you're in heaven.. spending time with that adorable little baby girl and then seeing a train too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What great photos Mumma, that tablet takes such Clear pics! You are such a good Mumma/Granny/Daughter xo

    1. Oh how thank you and love you too xoxoxo

  3. April is a sweetheart for sure! I'm glad you can visit her and have such interesting adventures, too...from restaurants to hotels to trains :) xx

    1. Wow Gracie you sure did a big catch up on my posts and thankyou oxxoxo


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