Sunday, February 7, 2016

Visiting a friend and family ♥

Hello again people.......had a little visit again with my Mum and a nurse was quite happy to take a few snaps for me to share with family and this one was quite good ☺☺ she is going okay, but stuck in this chair all day, but keeps good happy thoughts happening ♥

And after that visit, then dropped in on my dear longest friend and her daughter with a new baby, her grandson ☺☺

Lovely photo of mum and little son.......♥♥

And yesterday, on Saturday had the chance to drive down to visit this little sweetie ♥ My grand girl April......

Her doting Dad looking down at her ☺

Their cat Max the maine coon in the dark lol 

Their dog Trixie who is a lean racing machine and very good ☺

In the kitchen with new Mum passing by getting ready to go out for a well deserved lunch with her hubby (my youngest)

We were left in charge with this little cherub for a few hours and even Grandpa enjoyed holding her ☺☺

Yes me, Granny and April xo

Oh hello there, such large eyes.......will be interesting what colour they end up being as Mummy has lovely brown and Daddy has lovely blue......

And on the road back in the car I continued on with a spiral reversible hat.....
The weather is hot here and enjoying pumping the air conditioner.....
See ya again soon xoxo


  1. How often do you get to see your Mom? In my mom's last many years we took her out to lunch once a week. You little GD is a doll! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. It's good to see you mom up and about, Wendy. I'm glad you are close enough to visit her frequently. It is so special that you and your good friend both have new grandchildren to enjoy! xx


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