Saturday, April 9, 2016

Trip away to Finley

A few weeks back we had a little trip away to a town called Finley info finley-nsw  We were lucky to have the chance to catch up with some friends from Queensland whom we had not seen in a very long time ☺

This trip had been organized by a group on a Caravaners Forum which the man follows and has made many friends online....this is a photo of the Lake next to the caravan park we stayed at....

The man walking with our Qld friends, Ian and Mary.....Ian has battled quite a bit of medical health in the last 12mths including being knocked of a ladder by a branch.....he is amazingly doing quite well now but has been a very rough journey....

Lake across the reeds 

This fella Terry carried his dog Crunchie who is deaf and very limited eye sight but does love to go for a walk ☺☺

Duck enjoying the lake

We walked around the whole lake and it was a beautiful day....

Looking back over the lake....

Zoomed in on the van park.....

Ian and Mary having a little rest ☺

Eastern water hen which I call a Pukeko 

Nice straight path alongside the Finley water supply....

I think the ducks were asking "what you looking at"

I do love seeing ducks swimming along ☺☺

This duck had amazing orange legs but was very hard to get a good pic....

A small glimpse ☺

We had a few evenings of sitting around with happy hour....This is Wayne and Terry

Terry's wife Margarate on the left then Mary, and Annie in the pink

Better pic of Annie and then Lesley with the man Paul

We had an ordinary meal out at a local club....but enjoyed ourselves anyway ☺☺

Getting ready to eat ☺

On a day outing we went to Tocumwal toconthemurray info and check out the amount of campers here on the banks of the Murray river.....on the New South Wales side you pay.......on the Victoria side it is free....which may changed thanks to those who do not clean up after themselves......

Looking down on the Murray river 

Looking along the Murray and we were standing on the NSW side looking across to the VIC  side ☺

Zoomed in on some of the free campers enjoying ♥

Looking back the other way....

Zoomed on more free happy campers ☺

Heaps of Corellas bird info and boy are they noisy.....bit like a cockatoo but without the yellow crest...

Unfortunately quite a large part of the Murray now has blue green algae and you need to be aware and not consume.....

Back at the van park a group Wendy, Paul behind, Terry, Margaret, Wayne, Ian, Mary, Annie, Lance, Lesley and Erich....and 2 little white dogs, with Crunchie just walking out of this shot lol 

And this time, Crunchie behind everyone ☺

A few parrots dropped in....

Nice colours......

On our day heading back took this photo of the prices here for future reference.....we had a nice time, but among this was my Mum passing away, but thank my brother for making me go on this trip ☺

This was our breakfast/lunch at thebigstrawberry and boy do they know how to serve up BIG .....I barely ate a 3rd......but yummy ☺

We then were lucky enough to park at my brothers for a couple of nights before heading home....
The rest you know about as I blogged all of that first....thank you again friends xoxo


  1. Wendy, during that very difficult time, it really was nice you got to go to such a stress-reducing place and enjoy nature and water and friendships.. and good food! Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. It is wonderful you have such lovely lands around you to visit, Wendy, and I'm glad your brother encouraged you to go on the trip at this time in your life as you accept a new normal. Our huge wild cherry tree is sending down flurries of cherry blossoms today in its cycle of life. xxxx

    1. Beautiful Gracie and did love seeing all of you photo's xoxoxo


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