Sunday, April 17, 2016

Visiting April and others ♥♥

Well here is Max looking pretty happy on his special chair spot at Ray and Lauren's house...much loved pet he is of theirs....

and Miss Trixie who managed to stay still enough for 2 snaps lol 

She is built like a very fit greyhound only wider ....

Ray and Lauren getting the bbq food ready.....they invited us over for lunch and a good visit and this is the only pic I got of them lol......and none of the great food we ate.....or of guinea pig and bunny....failure I am.....

but I did get a pic of Paul looking serious lol 

and he took a few of me with YES baby April ☺☺

Neither of us looking at the camera lol 

Not good of me, but she is cute ♥

and now you will see many pics of her because I can ☺☺

Beautiful blue eyes and she was chatting away as babies do ♥

Looking pretty spiff in her cute headband...

On the way to visit I quickly crocheted this bright little beanie ☺☺

Wearing it and looking quite serious and a bit dark lol 
It was a wonderful visit and she had a nice long nap too....thanks again Ray and Lauren xoxoxo

I am still working on my sock....

Good while watching television, a show on sharks was on last many types and don't want to think about them when swimming in the ocean lol 

Love these little circulars ♥

And a little while back finished this dishcloth and now in my gift giving drawer ☺☺
Family time can be the best times and lucky I can see family every now and again ♥♥


  1. Sweet baby girl and the pretty hat you made for her fits perfectly. I'm glad you had another good family visit. I have been knitting dishcloths as gifts for the last few days :) xx

    1. Thanks Gracie and yes she is lovely and dishcloths are great and everyone loves them xo

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  2. That is one cute baby! I'm so happy for you and your family. What a cute beanie you made! Babies look so cute in brights. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I don't blame you for taking all the pictures of that sweet baby, Wendy - she's beautiful. Love the headband.

    1. Thank you Susan and nice times at the moment ☺☺


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