Thursday, April 21, 2016

Smoking chicken and the garden

Hello again, do you like smoked food? Paul has had a few attempts at smoking a split chook and this time he used part of our little bbq kettle in the bottom of the new large smoker as not enough air flow (which we discovered and later read about) and the temperature at least rose to near 100 Celsius

It certainly was a lot hotter and more efficient ☺ 

A bit of a blurry shot of the big bbq smoker in action.....

The chook smelt great and had clear juices but.....

to be on the safe side we gave it a further short cook in the oven ☺ it was delish and skin crisped up a bit better

I have been meaning to split the rhubarb which I had in the front lawn area for a few years so......

split I have, and do hope they survive as now have 3 plants ☺☺ and I have attacked all the weeds now....

The moon was looking larger on Tuesday afternoon, so of course I took a pic.....full moon is expected here is a special friends birthday that day so "Happy birthday" Diana ♥ and enjoy the full moon's smile on you ☺☺

The rosemary has been going really well and I have quite a few plants ☺

Another thriving.......

Plenty of weeding has been needed as I have neglected for a while....

Newspaper and even a pizza box helps keep those pesky weeds at bay lol 

Oregano and thyme going crazy ☺

The garden along the back of the house, with even a plant that smells and tastes like olives ☺and a couple of sage and lemon thyme as well 

The succulents and aloe vera have been cut back as going crazy, even though I have never actually watered this area......

Today (Thursday), I have now put down plenty of sugar cane mulch ready for the Autumn time in the garden so lets hope the weeds get lost under all that......

A good feeling to finally have fixed this area up and will plant more herbs as at least I CAN grown them, they are very forgiving lol 

And I made this cute owl crochet hat over 2 days and do hope a certain little baby likes this, oh and her Mum and Dad too ♥♥ The pattern is available for free crochet-owl-hat-pattern thanks to a lovely blog lady Sarah ☺☺

It is for a 6-12 mth size so plenty of time to wear over winter ♥
Well how is the weather/life where you are? Here the weather has been incredibly dry as I have said on other posts....with Autumn now here lets hope some rain falls as this area where I live is normally quite wet.....take care out there xoxo


  1. You've been busy in your garden! I like how you've got the herbs in borders. I've never heard of sugar cane mulch, but it looks nice! We're heading off to the coast today.. fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. We don't have a smoker although I like the flavor of smoked meat especially and your meat looked yummy! Your herbs also look wonderful. I just bought three stalks of rhubarb at the grocery store. I have never planted any nor realized that you need to split it up from time to time. Your new to me sugar cane mulch looks very pretty. We have successfully used newspaper between rows of vegetables to keep down weeds, also. Your little owl hat is sweet....I wonder whooo it is for :) xx

    1. lol love the whooo Gracie....and yes newspaper is great and rely on that a LOT too lol xoxo

  3. It all brought a smile to my face, especially those boots and that hat on that baby!


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