Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April fun, and other things

We have been back to that neat cafe in our town for a coffee and this time sat with these salt and pepper shakers ☺☺

A really nice place for a meal too and we often "pay it forward" for someone to have a free coffee/tea or a warm drink....and that can be from the unemployed to the elderly......

The Saturday farmers market was on, so we dropped in on our walk back from the cafe

Plenty of plants at this time of year.....

Later that day I thought I better get on with some sewing with this neat cat fleecy fabric ☺

Purple fleecy as the lining ♥

Some feet....with non slip sole for the outer ☺

I had my 3 machines all setup, one with white, one with purple and one with black, lucky me ☺☺

And here the man is helping me display the fun relax boots I made ☺☺ for my girl Sarah ♥

Was a lot of fun to make.....out of a book called fabric to fabric 1 yard wonders ☺

Saturday night I managed to get up to the heel turn on that long knitted sock lol

Sunday, I had the fun of my brother Robbie and Lynn coming to visit for a bbq lunch ☺☺

Camera shy so did not take obvious snaps lol Paul cooking and Robbie relaxing....

I gave Lynn a branch of my bay tree for future cooking and we ate a great lunch and laughed and chatted a lot......good family time...♥

Sunday night  I started this hat to also give to my girl.....

Luckily I finished it that night as was going to see her the next day (Monday) ☺

And yes Trixie looking out her back door.....A visit from me to babysit and catch up again with my boy Ray and Lauren NO PICS of them.....

And Sarah came over to assist with little miss April xo  she is wearing that owl hat I made her.....oh and Sarah loved her hat but no pics of her in it......

We had fun with the selfies lol 

how happy is this little one and cute too ♥♥

Aunty Sarah loving April ☺☺

Old Granny hugs lol 

We sure had a fun time and she had a sleep too......lovely baby ☺

Trixie getting a quick lick on Sarah lol 

Also checking out April on her play mat ☺☺

Hello baby ♥

This time I at least got a photo of Daphne the rabbit and FiFi the guinea pig ☺☺

and Trixie ready for something.....


Athletic moves required lol 

And again......

Sarah throwing, Trixie racing and ball just to the left in the air lol 

And Sarah sent me this pic of her wearing those boots.....she loved them and said they are warm and comfy ☺☺
Well this has been a few busy days.....and we have even booked a trip later in the year for  a river cruise Prague, Budapest-Amsterdam, Paris.....with a visit to Julia (the man's girl) in Scotland with a train trip Edinburgh-Edinburgh including a STEAM train....and a visit to his Uncle in Torquay UK too....lucky times ahead for sure.....oh and we have NZ next month lol as you do.....
May it all be wonderful where you are xoxo


  1. You really have been busy, and your travel plans sound so exciting! I love seeing all your clever projects and your sweet grandie and other family members, too, Wendy. Wishing you a happy week! xxxxxxxxx

    1. Gracie you dear friend and love your comments....may you be enjoying fun times too xo

  2. That little baby is getting so cute and is such a smiley girl! You have such a nice family, always getting together and having fun. I'm in admiration of your Europe trip.. I've been dreaming of doing something like that for my whole life and have never gotten to go. Have fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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