Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Getting together ♥

Well I finally got busy and made myself some mittens.......

And a hat......

And worked on a scarf, getting ready for our trip to New Zealand North Island ☺☺

The man was even darning his socks ☺

There is the completed things for me to take ☺

Still working on that sock though lol 

And day before Mother's Day I had most of mine come for a bbq....and here is Ray with little April opening a present I got for her ☺☺ a bat girl type outfit with leggings to match but forgot to take a pic......

My other boy Frank, with Shannon in the background (Sarah's guy)

Sarah, hello blue eyes ♥♥

And yep Paul......

April had on a guns n roses outfit I got her a while back and it says "sweet child o mine" ♥♥ she is so cute ☺

And someone was hiding under the doona in the bedroom......

Ah ha, Riley and Misty having fun ♥

Sarah loves hanging out with April ☺

I got them to get together for a few group snaps ☺

Smile everyone

And another 

And Lauren joined in but Misty out of the room....hard to get everyone together lol 

Even caught April yawning, probably sick of Granny taking pics lol 

Just a few nibbles before the barbie

Relaxing in the lounge and April enjoying the floor

A selfie we sent to my boy Rex (lives far far away) not bad ☺

And now you will see many pics of me with April

See I told you lol 

And I recently bought this cardigan for myself ☺☺

And Sarah got me this neat batman windcheater ♥♥

Giving April her bottle before they left

Us in deep conversation and April staring at Granny lol 

Some of the clothes I was packing for our trip.......decisions decisions.....

Frank gave me this beautiful cyclamen and I have kept it in its pot but put it in the garden where it will get water while we are away...... 

Ray and Lauren gave me these wonderful candles and will burn them when I have a lovely long bath ♥

Packing almost complete.....

And Woody is pretty excited to be going with us again ☺☺
Well don't know what blogging I will do over the next month or so but will sure be taking pics as usual.....take care out there and love to you all xoxo


  1. What a wonderful family full of love you have. That baby is an absolute doll! Have fun on your trip.. I look forward to seeing your travel photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Emailed you of course but she is very cute xoxo

  2. Fun! You got lots of good pictures, Wendy. I'm glad Google was working today so that I could get back into my blog and come visit you :) Again, I hope you have a fabulous trip [ how kind of you to take Woody with you]! xxxxxxxxxx

    1. LOL yes woody very pleased and I am glad blogger working again xoxox


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