Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stuff while in Mt Maunganui

Yep me again and Woody thinks he can do some sock knitting.....yes I am crazy...

We had a short walk along Tay beach which is across the road from our accommodation 

plenty walk here and dog friendly too

and if you look closely you will see this fun little dog running balancing a ball on his nose/head

a few long beaked birds a bit like a Tern.....

this walk was within the town area of Mt Maunganui and that is the mountain ☺

looking back across the port.....we did a cruise around nz and came in here 2013  cruise-and-days-at-napier-tauranga-and.html

see many of these signs and good to know

still on the low carb eating and this was prawn cauliflower stir fry ☺

another dish was stir fry cabbage with onion and garlic

eaten with soy dipped chicken wings....

none for Woody and think he was a bit annoyed

today I did a long walk to the Mount while Paul drove in to walk to the top....

roughly 2.7klms and no climb for me due to cruddy knee...

paul filmed from the top and enjoyed his trek.....
Short post and love to all xo


  1. How long are you going to be on this trip? When do you head home? Sure looks like you've had a good adventure! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I'm very impressed you taught Woody to knit, Wendy! It is amazing to see the dog balancing/bouncing the ball on his head/nose, too! I'm sorry your knee hurst so that you were not able to take the hike with Paul, but so glad he was able to enjoy it and we can see more of the wonders you/he have seen. Thanks! xxxx

    1. Great fun Gracie and do look forward to your trip blog in a few weeks xoxo


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