Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Visiting Rotorua

Back again.....look a new zealand daddy long you have them where you are?
This one was in a loo at Rotorua info

We caught the gondola up to skyline and a jelly bean shop with this guy made from them....

even picture of Harry Potter

lots of lollies but none bought by us ☺

getting ready to have smorgasboard lunch

view from the table pretty neat...

looking out to other side

inside the restaurant

plenty of good food choices made by us....

one of the gondolas 

cold day but sunny

alpacas trimming the grass

a bit of info about the taboggan/luge runs and mountain bike trails

luge attached to chair lift

in 2014 Paul went on one in Queenstown NZ south island madman-on-luge-and more

how cute are these and reckon my grandboy Riley would love

how chilled does this sheep look lol

another sheep at start of this walk trying to ignore

Paul giving it a pat lol

interesting ride which we saw some girls go on later

well this walk looks okay ☺

and here I stop due to my cruddy knee.....

so I walked back down and Paul took my camera to snap along the way...

a bit of the view while he walked along snapping plenty of signs re plants....wildlife

still walking along

looking across to the island and volcano....

view out in the middle

he came back down and I was able to take a few snaps of this ride

starting to be taken backwards along

heading up to the top

still climbing

ready to drop and this ride you press a release button to fly down at 150klm and swing


and back......

looking past the ride to lake Rotarua

and zoomed in on this boat

we left there and visited this great museum but some area no photos allowed so none taken

I love these thermal areas and the smell is interesting lol good old sulphur ☺☺

this tree looked incredible

zoomed in on its knarly branches.....
well plenty of pics for us today....hoping to go tomorrow to white island volcano live for a walk around but depends on skipper of boat who will let us know 8am...
anyway thanks for comments and visiting xoxo

EDIT TO ADD.....NO VOLCANO WALK....beautiful weather so we reckon lack of customers.....disappointing.....oh well up early for last day at Mt Maunganui 😀


  1. You adventurous duo you two! It was fun to see what you're up to. Hard to keep up! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Great pics, keep them coming, how come you didn't go on the ride ? from Jule

    1. Great you commented finally.....check out volcano post xoxoxo


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