Thursday, June 2, 2016

Whakatane then flying over white island volcano

Back again and after we got cancelled by the White island boat tours this morning we decided to visit whakatane where the tour ran from....plenty of moutains around here...

had coffee in this neat cafe

long black and cream

loval pub....we had a good walk around

interesting walk through this huge rock area

maori wood carving

on this seat

the rock was originally a maori  sacred site but then dedicated to those who fought in the wars...

then we found white island flight tours who were more than happy to take us on a 1.5hr flight over the volcano and Mount Tarawera 

waiting for pilot to get is with me in the back.....4 seater plane and me paul pilot

ready to fly

rather neat looking out over the land on take off

Whale island where the special Kiwi are breeding with no danger from rats, dogs, ferrets

lovely to think they can roam free here 😀😀

on we flew to white island a very live volcano.....last eruption only a month ago

Steaming away

certainly plenty of chances at great I did 😀

deep unto the crater 

one last flight around
Love this one 

more flying towards Tarawera

View down to thermal area assisting the paper to run

flew over an area whuch had the white and pink terraces...silica deposits which form the wall of the pool just like large steps with warm water 😀 visiting a buried village info of terraces too....

more thermal pools near the buried village which was caused by Mount Tarawera when it blew its stack in 1860s

truly beautiful area with volitile possibilities......

happy couple off the plane good fun and no problem for my knee lol 

left the airport and followed some diary cows on the moove lol

Tarawera river

and a woodmill which benefits from the river flows....
well tomorrow moving on to our next place Taupo which is also part of volcanic plateau. ....more fun but cooler as snow up on them mountains...
love again out there xxoo


  1. The Intrepid Duo takes to the Sky! The Amazing Duo and the Volcano! You two amaze me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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