Monday, June 6, 2016

Taupo and friends

We headed for Taupo on Friday and came across thermal activity ☺

The water was real warm but the air brisk lol...plenty of swallows were flying around here

Paul read a map while I took pics with tablet

Further along the road more thermal clouds coming out of rocky parts

We arrived in Taupo interesting info here lunchtime

small zoom in of the beautiful snowy volcanoes 

looking across to the other side of lake taupo

View from our accommodation for the week

into the kitchen

the lounge

the spare room for 2

our room 


main bathroom off lounge

verandah for sitting and enjoying 

Saturday we took a drive around and came across this hawk on a fence who was not keen on close up....

parked near a hydro electric power station and beautiful river Waikato 

some ducks swimming and small stream flowing in.....

Aratiatia power station

looking up the Waikato more info

Saturday we had friends visit for the night and here is there car Sunday morning....

Icy cars and grass.....low temp of -2 celcius brisk lol

Leonie and John enjoying breakfast with us....they are Paul's  friends whom he has known since 14 when he moved from UK to NZ......he now lives in Oz

We had a morning walk before they left along the lakeside enjoying seeing those beautiful mountains in the distance

Even a seagull enjoyed ☺☺

Today (Monday) we went on a road trip to visit John and Leonie at their holiday house

Wonderful time seeing those volcano snow covered mountains along the way ☺

roadside snap along the way


and hey Teresa and Gracie think of you and your Mt Hood ☺☺
this is Mt Ruapehu

Mt Ngauruhoe

Mt Tongariro

we arrived to enjoy a great lunch of cheese olives salad smoked chicken salami etc ☺

 Leonie in her holiday kitchen

looking out the front window to the volcano mountains ☺

they sent me upstairs to take snaps with my tablet....

very neat stairs and my knee was good lol

looking out from another bedroom upstairs beautiful view

you can just see all THREE mountains ☺

and as we left took snap of holiday house.......close for skiing and wonderful walks and we look forward to visiting again in the future ☺☺ thanks Leonie and John
temperatures this week -2 celcius overnight and 11 daytime so rugging up lol
see beanie....scarf..and happy lol
love again to you all xxoo


  1. Wow.. more wonderful adventures! Fun to see the snow-capped peaks. Nice accommodations! Have fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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