Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Huka falls and Wairakei thermal park

Back again.....sharing another low carb breakfast....zucchini cheese salami tomato olive bake with salad....

So on Tuesday we decided to check out the Huka falls via boat and this is a pic of the dam releasing the water from Waikato river and is done 3 times a day and mostly done for tourists but the river sure does not mind ☺☺

this is other side and flowing on down causing some neat rapids and apparently The Hobbit barrel scene was filmed here 😀

wild and beautiful

gates on the other side now closing

quiet and calm and water will drop away.....

So in a boat to do a 

many birds love this area and the Waikato river flows from Lake Taupo

one of those jet boats zooming along

our tour guide Dave and he did a great job ☺☺

off goes the jet boat again

cruising towards the Huka falls

he took us right up close and the roar was incredible and so blue and icy looking 

we did a couple of circles a round ☺ and headed back....

once we got back to the dam gates again they were about to be opened can see how the water has flowed exposed

blue pools where the rapids were flowing 2hrs earlier

suddenly with dam gates opened the water raced over the rocks

filling up the blue pool area

and filling up

flowing on down the river again.....good fun 

in the afternoon we decided to do a thermal walk at Wairakei park

plenty of thermal activity here 

lots of walking along paths and dare I say poor knee lol

stream flowing along with thermal bubbling out of the ground

Paul felt the water and it was quite warm

steam rising......we were given a heat detector and in one spot registered 92 Celsius eek hot hot lol

quite a beautiful walk

plenty of tracks to follow

plenty of steam

and bubbling creek

finally after climbing many stairs back to the camping/vanning area

many guinea fowl here

a couple of peacocks too

alpacas trimming the grass

and even some budgies.....I know Rex will like seeing them here ☺
well another busy day....
may you be enjoying our trip.....I know many of you have 💜


  1. I always enjoy visiting here because there are loads of wonderful things to see. Thank you for taking us along with you...I have seem so much that I would not see on a normal basis. Budgies!!

  2. You always have the best adventures, Wendy! I'm glad to see that you're really enjoying life!

    1. Trying to now do it while we can and have others enjoy with us too ☺☺


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