Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ernest Kemp boat on lake Taupo and Craters of the moon

Those who visit here.....are you sick of me yet lol
so Wednesday we took a ride on this boat...Ernest Kemp originally ran in Kerri Kerri but due to a flood ended up here which for this region is lucky

ducks seem to like this twin diesel boat

Paul was happy to be on board...

selfie as you do and must say this Samsung  tablet takes very flattering selfies.....I sure don't look this good in person lol

leaving the little port on Taupo lake just near where it flows out to Waikato river but us heading out to the lake

many other vessels were out to on this misty foggy day....

24 of us enjoying this cruise of 2hrs

looking back to the port

ducks seemed to love flying long with us...

this cruise was taking us to some maori carvings on the rocks.....which are not 100s of years old as some may tell you but only 30 odd years and done by some young locals at the time

the begging.....can you see little animal faces?

more on the bigger rocks

a lizard to the left carved

and this mighty carving

selfie as you do....

a yacht full of tourists sailing by although motor running.....

back we went to the port after enjoying a trip around Taupo lake but no visible viewing of the lovely snowy volcanoes too much fog.....
In the afternoon we went to this other thermal place....Craters of the Moon

plenty of thermal activity and less stairs......although must say my knee after 4 weeks is getting better.....

we were well rugged up as pretty cold but the steam makes you feel warmer lol

yes Woody was out and about for this walk....

he looks so tiny..

careful Woody

steaming and bubbling sounds

good safe pathways here

the warmth all around us was great 

there was heaps of boiling mud own there

looking back over the area

more boiling mud

and some stairs I did not climb......left that to Paul to enjoy lol

plenty of good steam and bubbling mud....some areas again over 100 celcius...eek
Hope again you all enjoyed 😆😆😆


  1. I love that huge last carving.. what a wonderful accomplishment for the carver to do that over water! Those boiling mud things are kind of scary... a man just felt into a hot springs in Yellowstone Park and they could not even find any remains in it! Have fun and be careful. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes the carving is neat and clever mairos doing it xo

  2. So glad you and Woody stayed safely on the path! I read the same report Teresa did :( xxxxx

    1. Yes safety first and that poor guy on your news xxoo


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