Saturday, June 11, 2016

Whanganui or as some spell Wanganui

Hello and on the low carb meals this time zucchini noodle amitriciana ?? lol

and knitting a sock  as partner for my other 8ply sock

took this pic as we left Taupo for my bike riding adult nephews a large bike but weather not great as we left.....

a few years back we stopped here for a look 

nice little creek flowing

up the stairs I go......a lot easier when my knee was fit

up the top looking around

the model replica of spiral train track......

the spiral goes through the trees you look at and if focus on brown spot in middle....that is part of train track ☺☺

back down those steps

and follow Paul back along the path with old train tracks.....many years ago as luck would have it a STEAM TRAIN came through but I only snapped pics of way before this neat spiral .......oh well I enjoyed what I saw back then 😆😆

along the road trip I worked on these tiny circular sock needles...

another lovely fall to look at.....
Now in Whanganui/Wanganui depending on Maori spelling 

Today (Saturday) we had a walk around local market

set alongside the Whanganui river

a paddle steamer.....but not running while us here

we then drove to an interesting spot

a big long tunnel to walk through to the elevator

nicely lit up ☺

the lift took us up to the top of Durie Hill

spiral staircase to viewing area

where Paul took these pics for me while I saved my knee lol

happily waving to him

good view around but NO sight of the snow covered volcanoes too cloudy over them

about to come back down those spiral steps...

back down with elevator looking back along tunnel.....locals use this every day down to the town

Alternative thanks lol

we drove to the top of this hill so Paul could climb the stairs inside this tower....

you can just see his hand in top cage area lol

we drove to a beach area and along the way saw this dragon growing out of a brick wall ☺

beach with black sand here 

lots of washed up trees too

and it was very windy

life saver building

view from building

and zoomed in on a self made Teepee from branches.... neat

and my new favourite low carb snack blue cheese stuffed muhroom....
Well moving on tomorrow to somewhere else and hope for wifi again...
love and hugs out to all xxoo


  1. It looks like your current adventures require a lot of climbing of towers! You'll be so thin and musclebound after this! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Eating low carbs so trimming up a bit 😀😀

  2. It is wonderful that your knee is starting to feel better, but there are so many stairs...I'm glad that Paul at least was able to take some photos so you and we can enjoy some views from "the top"! I am a fan of mushrooms and squash noodles, too. xxxxx

    1. Yes knee better taking panadol osteo and herbal stuff ☺


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