Monday, June 13, 2016

On the road again in NZ

Well on Sunday we hit the road again for Napier and saw all of these wind turbines along the way

Interesting road travel with beautiful treed mountains each side...

over to the left a train track ran alongside.....with views into a gorge with river....that would be a wonderful train journey ☺☺

Tonight we are staying at this great motel Shoreline motel Napier

Studio room with lounge/eating area

television.....actually 2 as one in sleeping area

looking through blinds from lounge to bedroom

king size bed AND spa bath.....sweet

cooking facility's  and this included pots, casserole, even all the utensils you could want..... much better than last place we stayed which was really smelly from cats....... 

our shadows on the beach and Paul says our heads are heading for South America....

and some neat sock wool I bought before we hit the road......lucky me

Up early on Monday and roadtrip to next stay.....Rotorua for 2 nights
info  we have visited before for day trips in this thermal valley....

plenty of mountains along the way

busy with trucks too

you can see the road twisting through ahead

many sharp bends

and stopped at this random lookout to be surprised by this ☺

pretty neat

we also called back on that rainbow mountain where it was real steamy    taupo-and-friends       and looking much calmer today 

still warm water as Paul discovered this time

We have now settled in Rotorua at this simple accommodation facilities 

even spare room for our cases lol


and the loo.....
will be taking many pics here as going to an animal park with Kiwi ☺☺
see you again soon xxoo


  1. Gosh you are putting some miles under your feet! I hope you get to see a kiwi and show it to us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. It looks like you had the road to yourself! I love that you are close to the sea. Your sock wool is so pretty, too. xxxxxxx


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