Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rotorua and Kiwi and others

Yep back again with that low carb cauliflower broccoli bake.....great any time of day ☺

Teresa look a picture  of a Kiwi......but just a pics allowed in person....
we did get to see 3 walking foraging around on our night visit at rainbow springs park☺☺

back during the day and a boat ride which you definitely get wet so not in this cold weather lol

someone feeding the white swan

another kiwi Teresa.....barracks for the all blacks rugby team ☺

nice so many get released back and will now let you enjoy next lot of snaps and information 

glad I am not a Kiwi

took this picture of video on television at park

that swan again called a Mute swan

they end up as dinner for the reptiles lol

one of the many easy pathways
we went to the bird show

waiting patiently

Kelly Anne our show host

she showed us many birds who flew amongst us..

this lovely green parrot hanging like a bat

mighty Macaw

incredible blue red yellow

it flew through the ring too fast for my camera phone lol

another colourful Macaw 

climbed all the way to top for food

not real close but free to fly around

stayed still enough for 20 seconds

lots of trout here too.....think you would love the big ones Carl

Jenny kept hiding in blue container

this Kea did not mind photo opportunity 

amazing large bird extinct

heaps of these ducks in nz


Haast eagle facts

Weta which is a large grasshopper type in nz

that boat ride where you get wet

here comes Paul

hands over glasses lol

poncho kept him slightly dry

even a chook here lol you would like that Jule

great park for families

and final pic as we say goodbye to that swan.....
had a great time seeing quite a few kiwis doing there thing in darkness and no pics allowed......
well next few days see us back in Auckland and doing Dad stuff and fly to Coolangatta Friday which is in Queensland Australia.....
Catch you again soon xoxo


  1. I enjoyed seeing the kiwis even if they were stuffed. LOL! What a bunch of fun animals and birds. Thanks for sharing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oops...almost missed this interesting post, and was especially interested in learning more about kiwis of the non fruit variety! xxxxxxx


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