Sunday, June 26, 2016

Goodbye NZ and hello Gold Coast fun

Hello again and look, I finally finished those socks ☺

And this cray narrow long footed crochet pair.....think an elf would like them lol 

Our last days and night in NZ I made sure I was kept warm by my batman windcheater and Woody enjoying watching television with me.....

Next day crazy weather as we travelled to visit Paul's Dad and say Goodbye....

Woody sat in the back with some of the things we leave in NZ with Dad....

One of our final meals before flying out next morning.....

At the airport we found a water bottle filling machine...

Neat to be able to fill up

Blurry picture, but we were actually bused across the tarmac to our plane.....standing room only bus too.....

Woody settled for the flight to our next destination

Paul enjoying a drink and you can see many empty seats on this flight

Looking out over the engines

Woody sitting with us, he looks so tiny in this pic lol 

A selfie with the background of the plane

We were in row 2 so right near the cabin crew too 

Good flight and killed part of the day while we waited to get our room at this place....Coolangatta, The Beachhouse resort.....we come here most years 

That night we waited for the arrival of one of my boys ☺☺

Rex ♥♥

Better pic of him....

We visited theme parks this trip and this is part of Movieworld 

A new ride is coming.....

Saturday night we waited for the arrival of one of Paul's son 


Again another day visiting the 3 themeparks and riding crazy rides lol 

Dolpin at Seaworld

A couple of seals

Underwater viewing area and this neat Ray flying by......


And again

And this funny looking fish 

Also a Polar bear who decided to turn its back on me....

Brenton on a log flume ride

Just love the face on this Sea serpent ♥

We had some interesting wild weather on one of our days

Crazy winds and heaps of rain.....

But following day all good again and my Sister Lolly came to have lunch with us ☺

And Bro Peter 

Paul having a discussion with him  

Woody was a little out of control at night lol 

Back to Movieworld 

And yes I rode this ride again lol 

and this one that goes backwards up the track and then drops back down lol 

At Dreamworld the boys road this one.....

Having fun although the day before this ride got stuck with them on it........eek all good though in the end

Over they go, flipping and flying 

Mumma and son snap

We said goodbye to my boy who lives in a different state of Oz and travelled on a plane with Paul's boy who lives in Victoria like us.....

We arrived back and visited my Brother Robbie and Lynn who Woody watched cooking the kitchen lol  We also next day visited my sis Jule and Carl but no snaps taken.....

We are now finally back home after 6 weeks away and look......the cyclamen Frank gave me is growing well and so is the Rhubarb which I transplanted in a few areas in my back garden....and NO weeds yay......
Now catching up with more family over the next few weeks.....ta ta for now xoxo


  1. WOW! Welcome Home! What a wonderful trip you had, and I love that you were able to spend time with so many family members. I was especially glad to see your crocheted sock. I have a pattern for crocheted socks, but have yet to try making them...and I still want to knit more socks, too. Woody was a very good travel mate for you :) xxxxxx

  2. Wow, more adventures and lots of family love for you two. I think it's great how often you get together with your loved ones.. and how many fun places you visit! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a wonderful vacation! It looks like you had a ball with your family and fun destinations! Welcome Home.

  4. Looks like you had a bunch of fun. Gold coast was awesome for me too.


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