Friday, July 1, 2016

Back home doing things

Oh boy has this cutie grown since we have been away......
We are of course back and catching up all over the place lol

April sure loves her food and you can see her Mums arm and Dads arm and Trixie the dog too...short visit on Wednesday and going again tomorrow for a longer catch up ☺☺

Stayed at my Sarah's house that night and only pic I took was of one of the cats lol 

Going well on our low carb eating and this dish is prawn skewers on zucchini noodles 

and made this cauliflower cheese bread but tasty tasty.....we have lost roughly 6kg so far......

And the garden sure has thrived while away.....never seen all of these plants with flowers but this year gone crazy ☺

The cyclamen Frank gave me is looking great ♥

Rosemary plants just keep getting bigger....

Rhubarb plants that I transplanted from front yard to back have grown amazingly so they must love this garden bed ☺

Lots of garlic growing too

Last night I whipped up these fingerless mittens to give to my girl for an older lady that she does some care work with.....I am sure she will like ☺

Today took another shot of the aloe vera and other succulents with their flowers 

And we had been to bunnings to get some parsley and coriander which is now planted near our other rhubarbs 

And moved from the front garden my Strawberry plants which have been quite neglected so I hope they like this area between the thyme and oregano  ☺

close up of that cyclamen with my samsung tablet....

and the larger rhubarb which I think we will be eating some of very soon☺
Very cold and wet today so keeping warm after that bit of gardening.....
Thank you for dropping in and saying hello xoxoxo


  1. That's great that your garden thrived while you were gone.. did someone water it? Your little babe sure is getting cute. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Welcome Home! It is great you find your garden and your local family thriving after your traveling adventures. Cheers for your low carb success, and the pretty mitts you made, Wendy. xx

    1. Thanks Gracie and we have nice weather here at moment so bonus sunshine in winter on plants xo


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