Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rain and more catching up

Well we have had a fair bit of rain here and the local creek turned into a river for a few days.....

It is way down in town so not near us as we are up a large hill....

More low carb cooking and this mexican-chicken-tortilla-soup is delish.....I just made a few adjustments with what I had here ☺☺

Still watching catchup of Game of Thrones almost season 4.....

I had a night down at my daughter Sarahs house and her guy Shannon loved the hat I crocheted for him and Batty my other grandboy has grown a lot....

We watched Labryinth not to everyones liking but I have fond memories while kids growing up ☺☺

and another fun one The Dark Crystal also great memories ♥

Youngest grandboy Riley loves Sarah's cats and here in a dark picture he is loving one of them and me in the background....

a much better pic of Riley in the morning trying to have fun with Dante' her oldest cat ♥♥
I also visited little baby April again and watched her having a swimming lesson at almost 6mths of age ☺☺ no pics this visit......

I bought a lovely ball of wool from a local lady heathermaid etsy shop while I was at a makers market in town on weekend....I bought classic rainbow and the colours are great ☺☺

hooking a hat up

I also made zucchini lasagna by just substituting the pasta with zucchini slices and was so yum.....we have had the leftovers for breakfast yesterday and today ☺☺

Am making Paul some black fingerless mitts ready for our overseas trip in aug/sept/oct ♥

and the hat complete with a little black border ☺☺

it is reversible and this is the other side ♥

I used this pattern and so easy even though looks complicated....spiral ribbing so neat 

and have now started a knitted hat joining so will be interesting how this goes 

today for lunch I made low carb pizza with chicken bacon mushroom olives....the crust is pretty well just eggs and cheese and some leftovers for later ♥

More rain is falling, although the flooding/river rising is less for now

In this pic an hour ago you can't even see the rain.....
well tomorrow we are expecting temp range 2-10 celcius so awesome lol lol
keep warm out there and for you who are enjoying summer, ENJOY xoxoxo


  1. I sure hope your weather improves. We're having a run of cloudy and rainy stuff... quite annoying for July. I love that rainbow hat.. and how nice of you to make a hat for your daughter's guy. We crocheters have such a neat skill that we can make special things for friends and family. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Good old winter is sure here now lol and yes I love giving to those who really appreciate it xo

  2. WOW! I am glad you are not floating away, but rather having fun with your family, eating yummy sounding food, and knitting a perfect rainbow hat! It has been cool and cloudy here and I am cheering the sun hoping it will be warm soon...or I will have to be knitting hats and mitts like you :)

    1. lol yes Gracie you don't want to wear woolly warm things in summer over there lol

  3. That soup looks so tempting and delicious ♥

  4. We're in the middle of summer here in NY and the temps are in the 90's. Hot, hot, hot! Your zucchini lasagna looks wonderful. You're giving me ideas. I'm glad all that rain isn't getting you down - cooking, spending time with family, crocheting - what could be better.


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