Monday, July 18, 2016

Still rewatching game of thrones and trips into big smoke

Hello my friends.....this pic if you look REAL hard you can just see a tiny bit of snow.....but melted before it hit the sure was one cold day last week

One of my meals during week was butter garlic scallop prawn salad....yum

I also made some taco-meatballs

and they were real yum with a simple salad ☺

on with game of thrones.....

we had a train trip into the big smoke (city) a 2 1/2 hr trip each way

we had egg bacon cheese muffins but left the muffins alone ☺☺

a selfie as you do while waiting to see a real estate agent....

train trip back again with me doing some knitting of a beanie for Paul ♥

back to game of thrones ☺

We had a nice lunch in our small town of lamb/chicken souvlaki without the pita bread ☺☺

more game of thrones this time with me hooking lol

another beanie for someone

another trip down to big smoke via train.....

and back to entertain yourselves somehow lol 

Yes more throne watching...

A bit more done on the knitted beanie

and again and good news we are finally as of last night (sunday) on series 5......

today we had deconstructed burgers at home for our brunch......eating less carbs we seem to not be as hungry.....guess it is because we can still have the fat....anyway certainly losing weight...
just a crazy post and see ya soon xoxo


  1. More adventuring and thrones watching and knitting and eating healthy! Good for you two! I'm sad G.o.T. is over for the year.. gotta wait a year for another go! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes going to be hard waiting again once we finishe watching too xoxo

  2. Seeing all your yummy food has me ready for brunch! I am enjoying lettuce wrapped sandwiches too, but am plateaued on weight :( I am glad your efforts are paying off! Wishing you warm and happy days. Your selfies are fun :) xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Gracie and yes a bit of fun trying to avoid bread, potato, rice, pasta etc lol


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