Wednesday, July 27, 2016

That time of year fun

Hello out there......on Saturday in the cold hailing weather I waited for something to arrive.....

All rugged up and eventually totally wet from rain, hail and mega wind......the only pic I took was blurred....Most of our kids were coming for late lunch early tea with some staying the night ☺☺ So back home I went 

And yes little Miss April in her cute "batgirl" outfit I gave her and her lovely Mummy Lauren 

Good gathering and with lots of chatting and eating

Simple bbq food and salads.....can't believe I took so few photos lol 

Anyway, Sarah in the blanket, Shannon with the hood, Misty in the coat catching hail stones, and Frank holding Riley warmly braving the hideous weather lol.....Ray also but he was getting an umbrella from his car ☺☺

and you can just see the STEAM in the distance....

getting closer and can say it was awesome to have family and grandies with me this year instead of just me and strangers ♥♥

TOOT TOOT, double header and no other pics but Ray did take a video which is awesome ☺☺ STEAMRAIL SNOWTRAIN BY RAY ♥ you can hear how much we loved lol 

and this gorgeous girl stayed with us for the night ♥♥

just got to love those cheeks and she is such a sweet girl....☺♥

On Monday we drove down to the city to do some signing of paperwork.....a secret at the moment lol 

and finally watching Season 6 of "Game of Thrones" and knitting along too

now at the reducing stage so hope it turns out alright 
Fun busy times last few days xoxoxo


  1. so lovely to see your family get together and wow to enjoy the steam train loved the photos disgusting weather lol true devotion

    1. lol thank you and you did not put name lol

  2. I know the secret.. you posted it on Facebook.. LOL!!! Love that all your family gets together so much. Fun train shot. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. The shot of the train steaming down the track is especially neat, Wendy, and I always love seeing what you are stitching :) Thanks for posting! xx


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