Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In the city

Hey!! how is everyone going out there?

Now this is the secret I mentioned in last post.....see the 2nd floor above the little bushes to the left of open balcony.....we have bought a place in The Big Smoke (city of Melbourne) and that is it ☺☺

It has 2 bathrooms, both with toilet and shower

and one has a laundry in a cupboard....ignore all furnishing as this is the prior owners stuff.....

The other bathroom......

Linen cupboard

Main bedroom 

View from other side of bed

Kitchen and even has drawer type dishwasher

Other bedroom which we will put another queen bed in once we are back from our OS trip

ceiling fan in that bedroom, but reverse air con in main and also lounge/kitchen area

and plenty of cupboards too in both bedrooms

Lounge/dining area looking from the side of open kitchen.....closed balcony across

on balcony looking out through louvre windows

poked my camera through the louvres for a better pic....can see the Yarra river behind that building opposite and a foot bridge (the white loopy things) across to other side of Yarra ☺

Zoomed snap of footbridge

another little part of the balcony

and a small zoom shot to show we are real close to being able to drive home or to airport etc

the little dishwasher

we took a walk across the footbridge and on the way back I took the next lot of photos....this one is looking back to where our building is small compared to those large ones and is next to the big one on the left

walking back along the wharf towards the footbridge

obviously on the footbridge and our building is just in view straight ahead 

This ship is polly-woodside and plenty of info about her.....I guess we will visit here ourselves ☺☺

looking across the Yarra towards the city of melbourne info about this city which has been called most-liveable-cities of many and has been number one ☺☺

and now walking back to our building which is the one with bits of yellow

zoomed shot again, 7th floor but 2nd above those little bushes ☺☺ 
exciting times ahead.....settlement is by 17th August and will be a place for us to catch up with family and friends too.....we live pretty much in a regional area and more than 2 hours from Melbourne so it will be a nice to visit and stay here whether by train or car....and it does have a car park for us too
xoxoxoxox take care out there people and will leave you with this gorgeous pic of baby April who I had the delight in training down for a day visit/mind Granny duties lol 


  1. How exciting to have a little place to stay in the city! We live about 3 hrs from Melb, so understand. That sign post is the same exit we take to head to daughters place in Brighton lol

  2. OK.. I'm confused. Are you selling the other house with the garden or keeping it and buying a 2nd home? Did you win the lottery!? :-) It's a very nice place you've gotten. I bet you can't wait to decorate it with your own things. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. No lottery win lol, just good management of our funds xoxo

  3. What a wonderful place to enjoy and from which to explore Melbourne, and to visit with family and friends as well! It looks like such an exciting city. xx


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