Thursday, August 4, 2016

Aussie and Granny fun

Yes, still living the LCHF (good link here and many others if ya google it lol) way of eating for our life now and seeing good results both in our bodies and actual blood tests with our doc ☺☺

And here is Paul waiting to do something he had put off for over 30years lol 

Going to become an Aussie citizen 

After the pledge he then was given a native tree from one of the local MP's

and an Aussie flag from a local councilor's 
So now a dinky di Aussie Oi Oi Oi lol 
and has Oz passport now too ready for Europe trip ☺☺

I finished that hat which Paul will most likely wear while we are on a Europe trip very soon ☺☺

a much better picture of me although serious lol my hair is so white underneath ♥

and as I mentioned in last post I caught the train down to Miss April.....this train can reach 160 klms so the trip can be pretty neat and as you know I LOVE TRAINS toot toot lol 

Look at that sweet little baby.....oh is that you Granny ♥

chubby cheeks and us doing the selfie thing.....trying to make sure I was NOT in pic lol 

concentration lol 

happy with Granny after eating some yummy yogurt 

tried to get Trixie in this shot but she ran off lol 

Trixie on alert and checking if Ray and Lauren were coming back lol
she had fun with me until very muddy paws and had to stay outside till Ray cleaned them up ☺☺ also my girl Sarah came by to say hello and drop me back at station, but no pics of any of the adults that day......

and Max the Maine Coon doing his usual thing.......sleeping 
See ya all again soon xoxo


  1. Oh that April is so cute! I'm so excited for you about the Europe trip - can you give us an itinerary of where you'll visit? Have you been there before? It's one of my great sadnesses that I've never been and probably will never go. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes will sure email you our trip details once I type it up xoxoox

  2. Cheers for Paul's citizenship, and for the good results both of you are having with your health! Your train trip to visit April and family sounded like fast fun, Wendy :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. xxxxx

    1. Thanks for all your great comments Gracie xoxoxo


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