Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bonn and Cologne and Amsterdam and Gent

On the river sailing to Andernach  where we were then bused on...

to this restaurant for is called Rolandseck

and although the company we had were fun....the service was atrocious, lack of staff and lack of knowing to serve people in order and running out of food...... 

we sat with this pair, Tom 92 and Margaret 87 who had been married for roughly 70 years and travel all the time.....they have seen all the states of america even!! and Aussies....OI OI OI lol

my lunch which was okay but.......

interesting decor in the ladies toilet....


and again....someone had a strange taste 

Yes gold framed mirrors......we then took our own walking tour around Bonn and took no photo's unless there are some on my camera.....the ship cruised into Cologne to meet us

and look the weather still warm warm lol 

oh look a monkey greeted us 

we gave him a tip when we left our cruise

He always made sure our bed looked neat ☺

and today we chose a visit to Zaanse Schans a village that exemplifies traditional Dutch history....

selfie windmill shot

inside a windwmill

amazing wooden working windmill

grinding seeds 

another stone grinding wheel

so tall and Paul went up the top via a steep ladder......I did not ☺

cloves waiting to be  crushed 

we also saw lots of clogs 

and sorry about twisted pic.....we watched one be made.
There were so many colours

we finished our time in Amsterdam and had a city walk and saw the infamous red light district and many other sights.....we said goodbye to many who were going on to other tripping around 

Today we were travelling to bus with a stop at a lovely place called GENT 

Our fellow travellers ☺

we had a mini canal lunch cruise in this lovely little town 

Enjoying to cruise ☺☺

plenty of lush growth along the sides 

looking towards front of boat 

Belgium's fourth-largest - and most beautiful - city of Ghent is home to a quarter of a million inhabitants and is thriving thanks to the flower export trade. The town center is a pedestrian zone, which acts like a museum of early Flemish architecture and a testament to the power of the city in the Middle Ages. The impressive Gothic monuments, such as St Bavo's Cathedral and the Castle of the Counts, inspire awe.
It is spelt Gent or Ghent

how neat is this castle 

amazing gothic buildings 
we then were back on the bus to PARIS

Still on the bus as we went around "The Arc de Triomphe" and can I say, it is one crazy crazy roundabout......more on that in another post

In our next accomodation for a few nights here 

It had an interesting fountain 

and on one of our nights we a meal out with these new friends.....hello if any of you see this......
so the end of the river cruise with more travel ahead

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