Thursday, October 27, 2016

Budapest onto Vienna

The start of our river cruise at Budapest, such a beautiful place but not a very long visit here so no photos taken, maybe on my camera which I will blog at a later date.....

We were now on our cruise ship MS Amastella

Not a great pic but plenty of colourful lounges

cruising Budapest to Vienna 282 kms

selfie of course

Plenty of low carb choices on this trip so very happy 

under one of many many bridges along the way 

the bathroom

the bedroom 

Woody has his own chair

and sure liked sitting out on the balcony each day

the two of us ☺

close up of the man lol 

certainly saw plenty of other river craft

Churches and castles along the way

a small bit of knitting to while away the time lol 

beautiful morning

sorry for sideways was so warm each day and we did not pack for such high temps.....oh well lol 

up the top of the ship 

and as luck would have it sailed right under the flight path of the planes ☺☺

going through a lock.......28 in total on this cruise lol 

another great ship after going through a lock

perfect weather for sure 

We had a bus trip into Vienna to the Ringstrasse where we got to have glimpses of the amazing architecture and me being a BIG fan of STRAUSS happy to be here 

just random snaps while in the bus

Hofburg palace 

Parliament building

A zoomed shot as we walked along

our tour guide in Vienna 

Statues everywhere you go.....

There were horse drawn carts taking people for rides in this area   

Roman ruins 

Aren't these stunning?

plenty of people around 

St Stephen's cathedral....

inside of course 

simply amazing......

Oh and after tour Woody enjoyed a nice ale ☺☺

simple selfie before going out to our Vienna concert 

inside Liechtenstein City Palace 

again amazing stuff to see on walls and ceilings

look at all that gold 

the man walking through 

In the final days of 2nd world war the palace suffered extensive damage from direct hits in a bombing raid and from and aircraft crashing onto the roof.....the palace was not restored until 1974/76 

again amazing.......

now that is one hell of a chandelier lol 

Well another post and so many more to go........sure having to rack my brain of what is what and if any wrong feel free to correct me lol 


  1. Those palaces are amazing! I cannot wait to travel one day to see all these fantastic places :)

  2. The river cruise is something that appeals to me, and when you were on land the artistry you were surrounded with: statues, cathedrals, and chandeliers are amazing! Woody looked duly impressed :) xx

    1. A river cruise is pretty neat as food and drink all there whenever and they look after you pretty good xo


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