Friday, October 28, 2016

Cruising Vienna, a theme park and Durnstein/Wachau/Melk

Back again and sorry for poor photo's......continuing cruising along

again hot weather 

We had a bus ride back into Vienna next morning to see Schonbrunn Palace....this is a little model

and there it is......

We took a lovely walk around the grounds

fishy fountain lol 

oh look an Astrian magpie 

neat seeing signs in their language 

interesting water 

Paul enjoyed a lager

chicken kebab

Our front of Kursalon popular concert hall in Stadtpark where music of Mozart and Strauss can be heard quite often ☺

The statue of Strauss

taking a touristy walk back to the ship we saw fish swimming in the canal

and also found the giant ferris wheel Riesenrad

and low and behold a theme park which we found Praterpark 

very popular but most rides had no queue 

I know my guys would love this place 

AND a mini steam train

all aboard toot toot 

looking back from train area to the giant ferris wheel....we did not go on as they only accepted cash as machine busted

another interesting rollercoaster

hello carl lol 

creepy looking ghost train 

boat goes up in lift type device then down you come on water slide 

another rollercoaster.....there were so many 

mini claw 

and this ride was just like one I went on in america and also in Sydney Australia when they had Wonderland and closed many years ago.....but just googled and seems it may be rebuilt again

you get pulled up backwards and then weeeeee lol 

goodbye park 

On we cruised 

cooler though as we got higher along the river 

another ripper day 

our ship tied up where we had a walk into other pics taken 

Woody checking out the buses 

off we go again 

back on the ship deck 

we did many walks around this area 

stairs and also lift 

looking towards the lounge area 

certainly saw many castles along the way 

and of course churches 

waiting on the bus to head to Melk 

stairs up to Melk Abbey

we had a guided tour but not inside the abbey

always amazed at the statues

this place was huge 

then strolling back to ship past many quaint buildings with thatch roof

plenty of cobbled stone paths and roads

Stift Melk monastery 

other side 

tower ☺

the flood water level in 2002......flood barriers to be built after this terrible flood

looking back towards the abbey 

walking bridge back to our ship

lovely echinacea flowers 

today we had some rain but we stayed dry ☺
Boy sorry for long post but just trying to get through the trip and refresh my brain lol 



  1. Thinking of the man power needed to build and maintain that huge palace really boggles my mind, and I was interested to see the theme parks and wondered if Woody begged to go on some rides :) xx

    1. Yes amazing so amazing how this was all done so long ago xoxo


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