Friday, October 28, 2016

On I go with a few days river cruising

Today we were taken on to Linz

nice and cool.......but not for long lol 

Woody enjoyed the bus ride to the station in Linz

at the train station we caught this "majestic Imperator train" to Salzburg

Woody although blurry enjoyed his view 

a table for 2 with no low carb option lol although wine was good ☺

The buildings in Salzburg and just think "sound of music" lol 

and along Salzburg bridge full of love locks........

back to warmer weather and wearing my batman t-shirt lol 

going through.....yes a lock

many views of locks 

enjoying a walk while going through a lock

this one was rather squeezy 

sure is close......

and now climbing up 

off we go again 

zoom shot of this Colosseum building along the river 

in Regensburg being show around by our young girl guide, very good 

walking along the streets

Regensburg Cathedral 

more walking of course along cobbled lanes

one of many towers here 

we found a street market happening after our walking tour

steps into the church 

warm days again 

so clear and calm

and another lock, well actually many many locks lol 


white geese enjoying the main Danube canal as we walk into Bamberg

Ladies loo

with interesting tap/basin

Back on the ship with Woody loving the balcony 

white swans 

more lock travel......must have other pics in my camera......later I guess maybe

and well, I now review the rest of this cruise.......


  1. What fun you got to go on a "majestic" train ride along with river cruising! xx


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