Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meeting family ☺ ☺

Well hello, I am back sort of and posting this end part of meeting some of Paul's family in the UK ☺
Said goodbye to this lovely view on the morning of our departure, after staying with Uncle Gordon who kindly put up with us for 4 nights.....Paul had not seen him in 46 years!! And I of course had never met him but have become friend via the fun of facebook  ☺☺

There is Gordon, graciously driving us back towards Heathrow airport with a planned family lunch nearby. 

So sorry my pictures did not come out better but.....Paul is sitting next to his Uncle Clive and Aunty was so awesome to meet them and sure great for Paul to catch up on family and information from all those years ♥

Uncle Nigel (who is Aunty Liz's hubby) in the blue and Uncle Colin  who was hilarious. I enjoyed all the fun chatting and laughing.

And yes me sitting next to Paul's cousin (son of Nigel and Liz) who is also called Paul and they both had lots to catch up on as he was only 2 when my Paul left all those years ago. I felt so welcome amongst them all and I think they liked my Oz accent, I know I loved hearing there accents all a little different from each other ☺☺

Nigel enjoying his meal ♥

Clive and Liz again, hello and thank you again for meeting us ♥

Gordon tried to get his mobile to do some group selfies but have not seen if any were successful....

My attempt, and of course only got one side of the table......if any of you read this then I want to send hugs and love from us to you all and thank you for meeting and making it an enjoyable time, pity not for longer but we plan to be back again in the future xoxoxo

Woody was ready for the 3 flights home.....all roughly 7hrs each with a 4hr break at one airport then under 2hr break at another.....

Camera on the top of plane showing our takeoff......we had no sleep till we arrived back and after a week finally feel kind of human again LOL
I will be back with varying posts on our trip OS but probably not in the start to finish order, just all that we did and saw and LOVE to you all out there


  1. Great to meet you Wendy, and I suppose you really had to bring 'him' along. Seriously it was good to see Paul after some 46(?) years, and kind of you to take time out to visit this far flung outpost called Torquay, It was all the more interesting having had had the pleasure (and it was)of Julia's visit not long before you both arrived. Hope you settle back quickly, in order to get ready for your next Marco Polo type adventures Take care, have fun, keep smiling and keep Paul laughing, it suits him xxx

    1. Thank you so much and much love back to you xoxoox

  2. Welcome Home, Wendy! I am so glad you and Paul had more good visits with your family members. It is amazing how family members can wander around the world in adventures! Times together are precious. xx

    1. Yes Gracie a wonderful time and thanks for visiting again xoxo

  3. Did you get to meet Basil and Sybille?

    1. LOL no but we sure were where it originated lol


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