Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The beginning of our trip

Well now lets go way back to August 28th.......My youngest Ray came to the city to visit with April and say goodbye before our flights to Prague

So cute and boy she has grown more while us away which you will see in a later post eventually lol 

Us at the airport excited about our new trip ahead

Woody even waved at this pilot who also waved back as he reversed the big airplane lol 

One of our 3 flights out the window....

and yes again......

Do we look tired lol 

A wee scotch in between flights

again looking out the this pic ☺

Our first arvo in Prague after zilch sleep (did have 2hr nanna nap in motel).....

Just a selfie in an arcade when we went out with our tour guide for a stroll 

Look there was even a movie coming of my dear beloved Alice ☺☺

Follow the yellow lollipop with Tomas ☺

The beginning of seeing many amazing buildings......

A drink on our 1st night in Prague 

Paul had low carb chicken fryup 

I had wings which came with this yummy dip and celery/carrot sticks....

very delish ☺

of course this is crowns not dollars lol 

Time for a much needed walk back to our room 

Woody was exhausted

as were we and had a great catchup of sleep......
Ok, well I will slowly come back with the weeks ahead of our trip xoxoxo


  1. Wow an Alice movie!! Arriving in Prague you two would have been so excited! Look forward to all the blogs Mum, Love Sarah and Shannon :)

  2. Sweet little April seeing you off :) I can well imagine that Woody and you were exhausted! Traveling is tiring, but I am so glad you got to explore parts of the world you wanted to explore! xx


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