Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Family time

Well as you can see we had a trip back to city as we were having one of my boys fly in the following morning and Woody was enjoying the view 

Got a few beers for my boy to enjoy 

Paul and I have a favorite restaurant near our place Thai food and has neat signs on some of  the walls so we ate their on Thursday night

Looking to the kitchen area 

Seating outside which is great on a nice evening 

Food is good Wine is better lol and rather blurry snap or is this caused by the wine lol 

Anyway Woody enjoyed helping me crochet and watch Heston 

and then catching up on Outlander ☺

and here is my oldest son Rex sitting with Woody 

and my middle boy Frank also came to visit on Friday so another Woody shot 


Rex and a shame my youngest boy was unable to come over : ( 
Rex lives in another state so as you know we don't get together too often....

My daughters partner Shannon came over on Saturday 

Hello Rexy xoxo

and Sarah with Woody ☺☺☺

Woody was quite exhausted after all the more pics taken and we said goodbye and came back home as we had some friends coming on Monday for the night ☺

and they brought their cute little dog Cooper and he liked Woody lol 

A sweet little dog which is a silky terrier 

and he let Woody ride clear pics of my dear friends Grace and Tony so next time....we had not seen each other in roughly 2 years so it was a good chatty many more to do this with too.....
love to you all out there ♥♥ bit of a mish mash post ☺☺

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  1. My goodness you have handsome sons! I'm glad you got them together, sorry about the one missing one. We're down to one kid from 3.. sad state of affairs. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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