Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just an hello

Hello my family and friends.....had a break to recover from my marathon blogging lol
This is a new little flower for my car ☺

Happy in the carport ready for next outing.....

While going through my Mum and Dad's things I came across this old magazine....August 1977

This obviously was the gas supplier before everything got privatized to varying companies 

And look here is me 20 and would you believe already married!! and my now ex next to me...and my dear younger brother Andy (no longer with us) who was 16 holding his clarinet and my Dad 54 and Mum 52....I am older than them now as they were in this pic....they appeared in that magazine because....

Very proud of what my dear Dad achieved and miss him ♥

Anyway here is a neat lit up sign in one of the restaurants in our to love this ☺☺

still hooking on and waiting for more of Outlander to come on television....way behind only on season 1 lol 

and this low carb thing is really paying much slimmer and having to buy smaller jeans ☺☺

my pathetic attempt at getting a pic of the super-moon the other night.....yeah pathetic lol 

We dropped in today to that little cafe we like to have a coffee at and sat at the bee table this many cute salt and pepper shakers 

Plenty of room here 

looking out their window 

and us now finished our coffee and 1 leg each lol 
Well got a busy few next days and plan to take many pics.....
Enjoy your week/weekend xoxoxoxo


  1. Wow.. look how thin you look! I wish I could give up carbs.. I am so in love with bread. Thanks for the hello.... ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Yeah missing carbs but has sure helped my gut lol xoxoxo


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