Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hello........back to us flying back home with Emirates from Heathrow to Melbourne.....3 flights and again no sleep but hey ho we were flying home ☺☺

At Dubai airport they have these smoking much smoke in there lol 

A tipple to help us relax on our long journey to love Jack ☺☺

Anyway back we were, and I managed to visit my youngest son and his precious little girl who is so sweet and happy ♥♥

Granny took her for a walk so Daddy could get some mowing and other much needed jobs done

Out and about with Miss April then went back to city joint and enjoyed company of my girl, her man and her son my pics 

Back home and I am working on a crochet project and oh so slowly doing bits when I can....

We also bought this stroller so that when little Miss comes to the city we can take her out for a walk ☺

Ute was loaded up again with extra beds for our city joint lol 

And look who came to stay for a night, Miss Happy 

She sure loves poking out that tongue of hers.....just like Paul's daughter lol 

Sweet face 

happily eating and sitting in our hanging on the table seat which my grandson who is now 15 sat in ☺☺

Out in the pusher but it was shocking weather so we just took a walk around the carpark levels with ramps ☺

After her dinner 

We have no bath here so she had a fun "bath" in the sink with Aunty Sarah helping (she also came to stay with us ♥♥)

The toys were glad of a rest and Woody is much loved by April under Granny's supervision

Back home again and more hooking being done 

Then another night we had a fun night visit from Missy Julia and her and Woody enjoyed a drink 

Woody may have had too much lol 

and we are now finally watching "Outlander" and reminiscing of the Scotland we saw ♥♥

I have a new car (not brand new but new to me) 

I am very happy with it and get to drive it all by myself for the first time tomorrow (Wednesday)

And yes another sleep over in the city with little Miss

Loving her toys and look at poor Woody, he does get thrown around lol 

Woody resting lol 

She enjoyed watching my train go around on its track 

and on Sunday, one of Paul's sons and his lovely future wife came to visit us for the day ☺
So we decided to have a tram ride into the city with little Miss 

On the tram and she loved it all 

With Grandpa outside this store, where Jason and Jess went in to check geek type game stuff 

April enjoyed watching trams, cars and people go by.....
look at her cute socks, they look like little black shoes but are part of the sock 

She was warm and happy and many said what a beautiful baby ♥

So back home we came again and I was lucky yesterday to have my brother Robbie call in ♥♥
Had not seen him since August and even though a 10 min visit it was awesome ☺☺

and at the same time this lovely tongue poking Missy came to stay again for the night and has today now headed off to do some fun things while she has a few days off works ☺
Now I am up to date and next plan of action is to slowly organise to catch up with many friends and family whom we have not seen in ages......some YEARS.....time to get the happy times back ♥♥

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  1. I've enjoyed your recaps of your monumental trip and now back home. That baby is one adorable little girl. Have fun with your family. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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