Friday, November 4, 2016

Goodbye Edinburgh and Scotland and hello Torquay region

Well the final part of the awesome trip away.....goodbye again Edinburgh....

Caught the airport bus to the airport 

Saying goodbye to the castles and statues and churches along the way

at the airport we bought Woody his own little set of bagpipes, which actually play Auld Lang Syne
The title of the Scottish tune translates to "times gone by" and is about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten. Despite its strong association with New Year's Eve, "Auld Lang Syne," written by Robert Burns in the 1700s, was never intended to be a holiday song.

Off in the plane we flew 

to be greated by Paul's Uncle Gordon ☺☺ in his lovely may remember they had not seen each other in 46yrs and was a post about the family at the start of my return blogging....

We past Stonehenge and got back quite late, but enjoyed a great meal in a pub with lots of dogs enjoying a fire ☺☺

We went and booked a steam train for another day......there it goes

He drove us down an interesting road, quite narrow down to check out the sea

looking wild and crazy lol 

He then drove us to a village called  Cockington

and lots of Thatch roof...and this is the pub we ate at the night before, called The Drum Inn
Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge (Cladium mariscus), rushes, or heather, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof. It is a very old roofing method and has been used in both tropical and temperate climates

such a quaint village 

Hello Uncle Gordon xoxo

Massive water wheel which they are hoping to fully restore 

Cockington country park and Cockington court

Cockington church 
Cockington Church is a beautiful old church that was originally built in the 1800's.

as you can see plenty of decorations for harvest 

very ornate inside 

Got to love the stained glass windows, we have seen so many and always impressed 

lovely place to take a walk and many were 

Thatch again 

Oh look.....not spelt like Midsommer, but I can dream lol 

We even took the local train one afternoon to Exeter 


we were seeing plenty of these painted Rhinos 

Paignton Zoo’s Great Big Rhino Project brings a world-class mass public art event to the streets, parks and open spaces of the English Riviera and Exeter. For 10 weeks from 30th July, life-size rhino sculptures will inhabit the streets, showcasing the wealth of artistic talent in the area, while highlighting the significant conservation threat facing wild rhino

Selfie with a Rhino 

Exeter Cathedral, one of the great cathedrals of England, and one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture anywhere.

For over 900 years, through worship, memorials and music, Exeter Cathedral has told stories of conquest and revolution, and of deep devotion, prayer and service. We look forward to welcoming you as you take your place within that story

and today it was closed to the public as they held some sort of graduation day......

still loved the outside 

there we are again lol 

and another rhino 

Woody enjoying those bagpipes 

and relaxing in the lounge at night at Uncle Gordons ♥

another rhino and Woody could not help but take a ride 

A mini rhino 

Up on top in the double decker bus we had a day out
which involved a river cruise and steam train too.....bus from Paignton to Totnes   
Cruising the rive Dart on this boat from Totnes 

Woody and Uncle Gordon were both set.....

Even waving lol 

Oh how cute, Paul and Woody lol 

luckily the rain was holding off but it was a bit chilly 

others sailing by 

The house of Agatha Christie....

we ended down inside as it was a lot warmer lol 

Arriving in Dartmouth 

The steep hills sheltering this pretty town's historic harbour are decked with pastel coloured homes, running down to the town centre, characterised by ancient narrow streets and medieval buildings

was a bit like being back in Europe 

Or even Austria 

Steam train....toot toot

St Saviour's Church, Dartmouth, Devon.

long long streets and plenty of hills 

we had a walk around a market area 

after some lunch we caught the passenger ferry across to here 

oh look another rhino 

and here she comes.....

going to take us back Paignton 

we got sit in the front carriage which had a large glass window 

and along came the engine to hook up 

getting closer 

click and Woody very happy with this......

Selfie of us adults ready for steam 

toot toot 

It really was great and strange having the engine right in front of us backwards 

great day out 

Oh a pink Rhino this time which was near the Paignton pier 

Woody rode in a fun car 

and on a mini merry go round lol 

and the sea looking as wild as ever

inside the amusement area 

Oh and gorilla this time, very colourful ☺☺

I was quite taken with these interesting lagers, funny name 

and with a badger on it 

our shadows on our last day in Torquay while we had a long walk around town 

It was a beautiful day 

looking back up to where Uncle Gordons place is ☺

along the waterside 

hoping to see seals out there or something 

Large ferris wheel down in town 

and we could have climbed these stairs but I thought not lol 

another great steeple 

cute lady bug rhino 

and this one which had the whole "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" song all over it lol 

more stairs I avoided lol

we had a nice lunch here 

and visited here which is called 
Kents Cavern, prehistoric cave, home of ancient humans, award winning visitor attraction in Torquay - with tours, shop, cafe and visitor centre

but camera did not behave well...........
Ok this is the end of our trip away to Europe, UK, Scotland.......hope you all enjoyed and will be back ........xoxoxoxoxo........

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  1. I loved all the thatched roofs and old architecture and river trips. Goodness, you two really did cover a lot of ground on this trip! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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