Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A quick trip away in early december

This is last day of November and we had decided to take a quick trip with our Winnie to catch up with friends we had not seen in years.......this road we were on is called Black Spur and very twisting turny....

We arrived at our first nights free camp near Rubicon called Kendalls camp and boy were the Cicadas noisy.....don't know if this link will work but...

We had a walk up along the road nearby and could look back down on our van and you can just see the drop loo building near the trees

It was a nice night so we relaxed with Woody and Miss Hap

Jack also along for the ride 

Following day we tripped around the Ovens river region and found this spot to stay for the night and I remember I use to swim here with one of my sisters and kids as they lived near by

We parked close to the river and it is also quite close to the road which was very busy so don't think we will stay here again unless desperate lol 

On December 2nd we went to gentle-annie-caravan-and-camping-reserve/ which is a lovely little place right on the King River so cool breezes which is nice as can be bloody hot in summer lol 

Our friends Jill and Greg were also there and they have a permanent type setup but do take their van away on trips elsewhere but a great base place ☺

Having a walk across the bridge looking back at the van park 

King River quiet low but that can change in hours when heavy rain falls

Following day we had lunch out and as you can see maybe Pork is on the menu ☺
This place is Gracebrook winery

Quaint timber building 

Old cart 

Incredible old tree stump 

and here is part of the platter me and Paul shared, oh my but plenty of low carb options here ☺

Um but not low carb here.....had a little bit of bread ☺☺

We then called in at King River Brewing facebook link and sampled a couple of beers ☺♥

There is Jill and Greg ♥♥ we had a fun time hanging out with them

Jilly and I took photos so we could see what we drank lol 

Very tasty indeed 

We then called at another winery and I had a test of doing a panoramic shot ☺

They had an incredible garden here 

looking back to our parked cars and that old barrel 

Inside we bought ourselves a nice red wine or 3 ☺☺ to take with us that is....

We had a great fire that night in an old washing machine drum 

You know I love fires for warmth

Paul in the glow of the fire lol 

Greg relaxing too.....we have promised to see them again and not leave it for so long ♥♥

One of the fun signs we saw on this trip 

Not so keen on this one!!!

We then did a camp at english-s-bridge-vic very simple and quiet just near Bendigo and our plan was to visit Jason (paul's boy) and Jess the next day 

It was quite warm next day so wearing my new slimmer shorts ☺☺

Of course I took a pic of this building as you know my son has this name ♥♥
We had coffee at Jase and Jess but took no photo's and nice little visit time ♥

That night we decided to not to drive straight home but stop at another free camp near Creswick slatey-creek-picnic-area-no-7 another nice quiet spot and I did a bit of hooking and music listening 
The next morning we got the call in regards to Paul's Dad and headed straight back home to fly to NZ
Thank you for the kind messages xoxo

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  1. Looks like you had another good adventure. I would be very scared of the snakes. Sorry again about his dad passing. I'm so glad you got to spend some quality time with him on your trip there before you lost him. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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