Friday, January 6, 2017

Xmas family time

We had one family gathering in the city and had the bon bons ready

plenty of cashews and I always like to throw some halloween lollies into the xmas mix ☺

Attempted a few selfies with Paul's kiddo's and my Rex ♥

A bit better but I just look plain crazy lol 

a few more test ones thanks to Jess ☺

and here is the good one Jess in the red t-shirt setup with a timer ☺ Paul at front, me, Jess, Brenton, Julia aka Missy, Jason who is marrying Jess in March and my Rex ♥

I got this neat bear from Jase and Jess, Sir growls a lot lol 
We had a great day/night of fun

The following day Xmas Eve we spent the day at Ray and Lauren who are April's Mum and Dad.....sorry for blurry shot but mobile was really playing up

April opened this present, a spinning top with lots of interactions and sounds from us ♥

Trixie even had a reindeer outfit lol 

April looking at a little Miss book we gave ☺

Having a snack before her afternoon sleep 

Misty busy with her mini pad 

Riley also busy with his pad lol 

Sarah, Batty and Ray

Rex and Shannon

Frank my other boy

Now this is an old pic of my four and on xmas eve they tried to emulate it......

Of course Ray could not sit on Sarah's knee as Um he has grown a bit lol 
Looks great and we have planned this one for YEARS and finally got around to it ♥

Me and Batty, grandson love 

Batty, me, Misty and Riley......15, 8 and 5

and I also received this from Ray and Lauren, BULLS EYE Wood's horse lol very happy 

Woody and Bulls eye watched Queen on xmas night ☺

I then had my girl visit and only pic was of the tram she arrived busy chatting lol 

When she left she set up these guys together lol 

They are all now back here at home on our is getting crowded ♥♥

And managed to pinch these of FB of Paul's 3 who also managed to emulate this pic at Xmas 

Lots of fun and they look great ☺☺
Hope you had a great Xmas and will be back with other posts soon xo

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  1. Goodness, you have such a lovely happy joyful family. I'm so glad you all get together so often and appreciate each other so much. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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