Saturday, January 7, 2017

New years eve fun and beyond

Hello again, here we are in the big smoke checking out where some of the fireworks were going to be near us......simple selfie looking back ☺

The television people were rehearsing HOURS before but was fun to watch....the young guy used to be our sport guy for Gippsland news but moved on the the big smoke with Channel 7 his name is Sean Sowerby ☺

Certainly looked like they were having fun lol 

Hours later getting ready for the real fireworks to begin.......

and they were impressive although my mobile can be a bit testy lol 

Bang....plenty of

We then walked back to our city joint to relax after midnight ♥

Next day we thought why not do the tourist thing and visit the Melbourne Zoo, so we caught a tram 

I did not take many pics of other animals but we are now members so can go back again and again for better snaps....monkeys here 

A Gibbon I think 

A little dark but a almost white Gibbon 

Little monkeys

Giraffe having a drink 

Male Baboon was busy chasing a poor female who was NOT keen lol 

Racing off after her......

We then took the train back into the city......

and did this tour.......

Padded cell which has footprints going up the walls......interesting

looking out the door 

This was the drunk tank

drain hole so they could put any drunks in here and hose them down and LOCK the door.....

Main part where we had a pretend arrest of some of being one of them 

Shower area for the men 

Looking back through main area and there were plenty of us doing this tour

Creepy but also very interesting at the same time, normally no roofing so open to the hot days and freezing cold winters.....

Heavy locking door 

Oh dear, what do we have here lol 

Makes a good criminal ☺

Oh yes and apparently I was arrested for growing suspicious drugs and because of my T-Shirt guard said I was off the planet and out of this world lol  

a bit of fun......

and later we went to Crown which is a casino in Melbourne and checked out their Xmas display which was real neat

little eggs opened up with a different song in each egg.....Jingle bells here 

There was Frosty the snowman too next time will get better pics.....ended that day so wait till next year lol 

and this is a little plant Sarah gave me for Xmas and is staying in the city and already has a new leaf growing ♥
Love to you all out there from us xoxoxo

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  1. You two really are an inspiration at how you get around and see so much. Looks like a fun time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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