Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fun with April

Hello out there......still slowly blogging you can see in this blurry pic we now have a car seat and will be able to pickup April or drop off and also can have Riley also in the seat as it goes from 0-8 so perfect ☺

And it is Australian too 

As we were going to be having April for a night we also picked up a high chair as the seat she usually uses is at our city place ☺

Miss April checking out Woody ♥

Such a cute face and of course I am not biased lol 

She is crazy for Elmo ♥

We ended up having April for 2 nights and has a few walks out with her and she seemed keen for Woody to come along too lol 

Looking through the roof of our pusher and can just see she is holding Woody's hands, so cute 

She also loved my mini Kiwi ☺ we gave her a much bigger one after our trip last year ♥

Taking a photo with my mobile and she loves the bunny that I have attached to it lol 

April had a lot of fun over the daytime and had fun throwing Bulls-eye around lol 

She was in bed when I took this snap....all toys now resting ☺

On her last day she was happy watching Granpa 

Granpa was cutting some  pork with his electric slicer...entertaining lol 
We took her home to her Mum and Dad who were certainly happy to see her again ☺

On Saturday night my sister Julie and her hubby Carl came to see our city place and the following morning we took a couple of tram rides and visited the Queen Vic Market great place to visit a lot and pick up fresh produce/food and also clothing etc etc it is huge.....

Selfie of sisters lol 

It was a beautiful warm day and we had a lot of fun catching up
Now back home again and we have a little person's FIRST birthday coming up ☺☺
Back again soon xo

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  1. Oh it looks like you had lots of fun with April and she was having fun being doted on, also. She truly is a living doll. Have fun with her! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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