Sunday, February 26, 2017

A night at Cromwell

On the road to our next nights accomodation

and these mountains on the South Island are amazing 

we stopped off the check out this river "The roaring Meg"

good spot to take pictures 

looking down the river 

looking back up and isn't the colour amazing 

Woody soon settled in at the studio room we had for the night

Paul relaxed too and Woody reckoned he needed a shave lol 

Next morning before hitting the road we checked out Lake Dunstan in Cromwell

beautiful view and snow way off in the distance on "Ben Nevis" 

This place was flooded when they built the dam and some of the buildings were saved prior  and now part of a pioneer little village 

looking down past the building which some are shops setup just like old times 

resident ducks 

one of the many ruins 

and out in the lake deep below is the bridge that once crossed here.....
one of many little churches here too 
and on we go.......xoxoxoxo


  1. Poor old Woody.. he doesn't look like he gets much sleep with his eyes stuck open. I have a thought, maybe you should sew him a tiny black sleep mask to put over his eyes at night.. then he can get some sleep and he won't be staring at you like that. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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