Sunday, February 26, 2017


And here we are now at Wanaka lakewanaka info and Woody approved of our view from our bedroom.....we have been here before but not this accommodation.  

this is the front of the villa 

looking into the lounge and kitchen in background...with a toilet downstairs and also full laundry facility 

stairs up to the bedrooms 

want to come and stay with us for the week?

the bathroom between the 2 bedrooms 

main bedroom 

and again THAT view......very nice 

Woody enjoying watching the television at night 

yesterday (Saturday) we took a walk down to the town and back and followed the little creek back....a couple of silver sculptures of pelicans

ducks sitting by the creek 

very fast flowing and loud too lol 

back to the villa and decided to take a drive out and about 

one of many waterfalls we saw along a back road on the other side of Lake Wanaka 

plenty of deers in the paddock 

and a Kea, but just a photo of a photo lol these birds like to chew off wipers/mirrors etc from cars lol 

Woody did a bit of knitting last night relaxing 

and watched "Kill Bill 2"
The mobile is sure taking good pics of all the silly stuff I snap
Well on we go and are trying to relax a bit now


  1. Wow.. that sure is a pretty place. Good for you to take a vacation after all the hard work you did to get Paul's dad's place ready to rent. Fun for me to see a Kea as I use that in crosswords all the time but had never seen one! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes a clever word to keep handy Teresa and it is beautiful here and we sure enjoy every year xo


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