Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Out and about in the Wanaka region

Hello again.....we have called in at this coffee shop twice now and have enjoyed their plunger for 2 option with a little side of cream for me.....and shared this sugar free dark choc with almonds

right in Wanaka and walking distance from our accomodation 

there was a bit of a craft fair on Sunday 

and the mountains had a bit of cloud cover but the weather has been fantastic 

Sunday we had a bbq lunch right on the verandah of our villa 

Sunday night we went out for tea to wanaka speights ale house and no fire needed at this time of the year lol 

Paul had some lovely pork with vegies 

I had bacon wrapped chicken breast and could only eat half of the carrot/beans and hardly touched the kumera mash.....

nice bottle of red we enjoyed 

after tea we had a walk around the park area in Wanaka and too a shadow pic of us near the large hand 

shadow snap in the playground with dinosaur slide in background 

and another just because it looked so neat and tall 

and beside the creek flowing into Wanaka lake 

Wanaka lake  

the sun was almost setting over the mountain 

Yesterday (Monday) we took a drive to Queenstown which is roughly just over an hours drive away and on our way back stopped to check out the view from here....airport runway is way in the background between the river and the lake.....

selfie attempt lol 

others walking over the edge in this area 

Woody enjoyed this view too 

then we stopped at another spot to have a short walk 

and another neat shadow shot 

handy having the stairs to climb up over the fence 

looking back to Paul coming on up 

and view from here shows the airport runway but even further in the distance and the planes have to fly between these mountains.....amazing 

my crazy selfie 

and Paul relaxing last night......

Today (Tuesday) we decided on a drive out to do some walking 

plenty of rock/mountains along the way 

lake Hawea but more pics on our way back 

Woody joined us on some of the walks

stuck his feet in my pocket so he swung along as I walked lol 

nice walk 

hollowed out old tree 

the falls are in the distance 

bit of a zoom snap 

and rocks every where we walked across lol 

Paul saying hello 

and as Woody was watching a boat whizzed by.......

this one was pretty neat too 

"wow" said Woody 

zoom into the bottom 

yes another one 

and people have created lots of rock mounds all over this area 

now no Woody and no snaps of track as it was steep/rocky/no fun/scary lol 

but here is the view from the top.....

nice zoomed snow....

back down the bottom I was happy and we were both HOT lol 

much nicer walk this one 

uh oh swing type bridge 

Paul filming 

and blue the water was 

lovely blue 

and a popular spot 
back on that swing bridge which is supposed to not have more than 10 at a time but most seem to ignore.....eek.....

Lake Wanaka snap at the head end 

and looking back the other way.....

and then past Lake Hawea lake-hawea/ info 

view from the lookout sign.....

then climbed up this section for better pics 

now we are back at our Villa hungry after all that walking and touring around.....
Hope you have again enjoyed our travels which will continue on lol 


  1. OK.. question of the day... did you go swimming in that lovely water? Great shots of a beautiful place. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. No swimming a tad too cold as melting ice for the mountain xoxoxo


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