Friday, March 3, 2017

Now on to Dunedin in NZ

Well look at this cute smiling cat I found in a street of Wanaka while walking back to our Villa and got to see it a few times and very friendly so I was very happy to get my fur patting fix here lol 

nice kitty.....

we did a brief visit to this distillery and had a wee sample of gin/vodka/orange liqueur nice but a tad overpriced lol  

nice views here though and worth the drop in 

Today we hit the road for our next destination while still on the South Island of New Zealand 

Paul happily driving along lol 

We drove across this bridge near the town of Alexandra info here and crossed over the Clutha  river and interesting old constructions still there 

snapping as we cross fast......great camera

and arrived in Dunedin info here and we have been before but not stayed in this little place right near plenty of things.....a neat studio with bed as you can see...

bit of a couch now with our cases and Woody relaxing lol 

little kitchen with sink/fridge/kettle 

and bathroom with open curtain nice and breezy lol 

there is some lovely architecture here and mini things compared to Dunedin in Scotland but hey I like.....

a church standing tall in the centre of town 

We stopped in at this place for a light lunch and light cider, very nice 

this is at the station where we checked out what train trip we could go on this time....

amazing building and Paul heading in to check the coastal trip we could do tomorrow (Saturday) 

walking back to our accommodation took a snap of a building under renovations and did love the architecture again as we did while in Europe and UK.....

a fountain no longer having the water through now 

oh and a bat or gargoyle......

this little brass figure just standing in town to enjoy 

plenty of artwork done throughout the town 

and again 

there were lions on this building holding chains in their mouths to hold up the awning roofs over the street but zoom not good enough....oh well 

and very interesting this one is lol 

and back to the accommo for the next few nights.
well now back in our room relaxing and ready for a seaside kind of trip on a train tomorrow
xoxoxoxoxoxo love to you all out there xoxo

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  1. Wow, you sure are covering a lot of ground and seeing lots of wonderful things. I really enjoy following along with you two. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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