Sunday, March 5, 2017

Silver Fern Seaside trip at Dunedin

Hello again and thanks again Teresa for all your comments....and yes we are out and about lol
Yesterday (Saturday) we waited here for a train 😃

This is the Silver Fern Dunedin Railway train taking us on a seaside trip....not the usual longer trek but a trip which is ok 😊 seasider info here

Woody was keen as usual 😄

and we were both happy too lol 

looking out over the water in the bay 

plenty of mountains in the distance 

Woody was more than happy with his table seat and the conductor was very impressed lol 

That steeple is on a cathedral and has a clock face built in.....story is that the priest was sick of parishioners being late to service so he had clocks installed on all four sides lol 

a cruise ship had sailed in for the day.....we did this ourselves a few years ago and a lot of fun 

Training across many little roads along the way 

lovely views but must say on the way back even better but I had already taken all these snaps 😀

sheep under a massive fern tree.....

beautiful seaside view from along the track 

we went through plenty of tunnels and this one was 1.3 kilometers 

lovely clear water and the tide was rushing back in......

our return journey.....the came along and flipped the seats around so you were facing forward again.....neat 

last snap on the train back......

we then had ourselves a much deserved late lunch of ribs/chicken and mixed vegetables ⚖😉

then out in the arvo to see this......

and no I did not plan to climb up this street lol 

and incredibly steep it is and they put concrete instead of bitumen as in the summer that would melt and slide down the street.....eek 

and we then went up Signal hill to check out this monument......

Otago Centennial Memorial…….Signal Hill…….Francis Shurrock, Sculptor
The figures sit, Buddha-like, in windswept isolation on Signal Hill. Vulnerable to the attacks of vandals, they gaze, on our behalf, over one of the finest views of Dunedin City from any of its surrounding hills. Or they would had the artist Francis Shurrocks’s symbolic programme not required that History gaze due West, his eyes forever fixed on Swampy Summit while his female companion stares in the opposite direction, to the radio masts on the Otago Peninsula.
The sculptures were installed in 1955 and the commission completed in June 1957 when stone plaques by Shurrock were added to the cenotaph. These show the New Zealand fern, the Scottish thistle and the Otago Provincial seal.
                                                   Yes copied this as sounded better than what I could put lol 

the view 

lady sculpture 

male sculptor 

and back at our motel here is one artwork up the driveway 

and the other side.....
Well another busy time and will be back with more of todays outing xoxoxo


  1. Another fun trip for you two. Thanks for the shout-out! I find if you want comments, you have to take the time to leave comments on other people's blogs. Kind of like a two way street. :-) I'm glad you got to go on a train trip.. I know how you love trains. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes true and nice doing that on others seeing different places around the world and socks lol xo


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