Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gardening and hello to a new member

Hello again from NZ.....crochet another little hat keeps me busy at night 

still working on that sock 

and Woody has just been chilling on the table with some flowers while we get on with some cleaning up here

This is the Lounge of Dad's place and we are sorting through the house and garden too 

the room we sleep in has white Venetians and sure lets in the morning light so a temporary measure is a blanket and thick towel on window....nice and dark

and of course you know I love seeing the planes fly over this house 

Paul put up a movie screen the other night so we could check some of the old movies.....nice to see

Peek a boo from the dining/kitchen area 

Yes another plane which was today 

turned the heel on that sock earlier today 

and this is just a small sample of some weeding that has been done 

trimming in this fern till I discovered a native wasp nest eek....Paul try to trim it out and one stung him but he is ok.....sprayed them instead so now gone gone 

lots of weeds removed here and I trimmed the grapefruit tree too 

big bag of bulbs which had gone crazy everywhere 

Um yes will eventually tackle this pathway.......

and this is the skip for rubbish removal from house and now have another one just for the garden stuff filling up fast too......

I also sawed thru that big green one on the left as it was covering part of the garage entrance and Paul has ripped it up into the garden skip.....

and another beanie this time more child size, great way to use up bits 

and now introducing COOPER JAMES my new grandson, much love felt here and won't get to meet him till mid march onwards.......xoxoxo 

The little family, Lauren (Mummy) Ray (Daddy) big sister Miss April and Master Cooper 
gorgeous xoxoxo
well that's it for now and we sure have been busy what about you?

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  1. My goodness things are busy with you two! I'm sure it's hard not to be there to hold that new baby boy! He's very handsome! That's a lot of work you're doing.. what a good son he is. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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