Monday, February 6, 2017

More fireworks and flying

Hello from NZ, but this pic is from the night we again stayed in the city and due to Chinese new year still being celebrated, we got to see more fireworks and my mobile took pretty okay pics...

again plenty of loud noises

and lighting up the sky



following morning we had our flight to NZ which was not till 8.45 am but bus picking us up at 5 we look awake lol 

of course I am very happy to wait at the airport and watch the planes come and go 

waiting for our plane to be parked at the gate behind us.....

and there it where near as big as the plane we caught to Europe it was MASSIVE lol 

Woody was ready wearing my headset 

and happy to be looking out over the wing 

getting refueled 

but this was interesting on the plane.....a praying mantis came in on a girls hoodie and a man helped get it off her and it ended up leaping off somewhere not far from us.....eventually it appeared on the seat in front of Paul and he had a plastic bag ready (had airline headphones in it and he had removed) with a bit of leaping  towards me he managed to bag it.....handed to air stewards before taking off.....and as it was an Oz praying mantis it was removed from the aircraft. Apparently if it had stayed on board the whole plane would have had to be sprayed to protect NZ from and Aussie good deed done and it survived

now I will bore you with lots of wings snaps as we took off

very dry in this area of Melbourne, sure needs rain

then up above the lovely fluffy white clouds 

Oh and I always either enjoy listening to music or watching concerts and as luck had it Crowded House concert which I had already seen at home was listed so watch again I them if you don't know them, their music is awesome!

and land the distance after flying across the sea from Oz to NZ 

see now

very pleased still with my mobile pics 

and if you enlarge this pic you will see the little theme park Rainbows End with a corkscrew rollercoaster.....the planes fly over all the time 

wings getting ready for the landing 

over the grassy area 

over the water 

much closer 

and landing 

landed.....yes so many pics but I love and we landed lol 

made this little crochet hat last night for a very soon expected small person
love to you all out there xoxo 

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  1. Boy.. you two get around! What was the reason for this trip? The little hat is cute and I am sure you are anxious for the new one to arrive and all will be well. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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