Thursday, February 2, 2017

Taking snaps with my mobile and April fun

Hello again from me and of course Woody....I am having fun with this mobile camera and it sure can take neat snaps 

Not very interesting but new secateurs for gardening and nice they have purple handles 

We had this frozen spag bog in the freezer so reheated it up 

and bought a zucchini 

and zoodled it as you do and the dish was snaps taken though

watched David Attenborough and tested that mobile again....

and it was this man's birthday....over on fb we call him Krusty lol 

And back on the road to big smoke this time in the car 

I did a little bit of knitting along the way too 

I brought my Mum's little Elna sewing machine to city with the little table so I can now mend/hem things while here 

we also made sure we brought along some of our toys for that special little lady coming for the day on Wednesday 

Woody was excited

bought some blueberries and a banana for her snacking 

the helicopters were coming and going a lot on Tuesday....

Following day Wednesday no helicopters around till late in the day 

but this little cutie arrived 

and her Dad dropped her off 

Such a cute face Miss April 

plenty of rattle fun

and she crawls all over the place quickly lol 

we took her out for a mid morning walk and she loved the little blanket I had made 

waiting for all the cars/trucks to stop at lights 

Chinese New Year and the walk bridge across the Yarra river  has lots of lanterns strung up 

looking along the Yarra River 

and selfie with Granny and Granpa on the bridge 

they had all these lovely flowers along the walkway next to the river 

April really liked them 

she loves having a ride in the lift to and from our city place 

She was keen to check out the vacuum

and this is so sweet, her giving a bottle to the bee  

Uh oh, dishwasher.....she is so good and pressing with her little fingers....great coordination lol 

And yesterday we took April home.....sweet baby happy to see her parents 😊😊
Next is us back in NZ sorting Dad's estate love to you all out there xxoo

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  1. What a good grandma and grandpa you both are to your little ones.. April is indeed a darling little girl. Have fun with her and being in your city home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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