Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time in the city

Well just look at these little pieces of artwork from my 2 oldest Grandboys which one had the date of 2003!!! My how time has flown and am sure I will come across more in my slow cleanup here lol 

And I finished this little Granny square blanket, just the right size for car seat or pusher and going to keep this one myself and use when we have Miss April :D 

On Friday we had a train trip into the city to meetup with Paul's pics taken

It was warm and sunny so we wore these hats and called ourselves "city slickers" lol

Woody also went with us and we stayed the night and I got some more crochet happening :D 
On Saturday we met some dear friends for lunch and also had them come to see the city digs which they liked and we also had plenty of fun chatting, walking and tram rides too but no snaps taken....

I got to get myself a new mobile Samsung S5 and have been taking snaps and it is pretty good 

Nice glass of red here 

It was also the start of "Chinese New Year" so I had the chance to test the mobile camera out again through our Louvre windows 

See them off in the distance 

There was plenty of banging noises for sure :D

Looking back across the road to where the helicopters land during the day 

Today, Sunday we took a tram ride to check out the South Melbourne market

waiting for said tram......

we had a delish breakfast at a little pub and yes I did bite that brioche bun lol 

testing camera functions again and like what I see......

this pic I took before we got on our country train.....I needed to check that my MYKI card was definitely scanned as ON as could incur big fine.....she assured me so I took a pic as evidence she let me through just in case......

another lovely warm day on the tracks 

testing the selfie function too lol 
Well that is it for now, have been real busy and we are back in city late Tuesday, this time driving back and looking after a little Miss <3 


  1. I'm glad you got a new phone and the photos look nice and sharp. I've been getting really good shots from my newish iPhone 7 Plus. Thank heavens for camera phones. Have fun with your little miss! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. My first cell phone encouraged me to start taking photos more frequently, and the phones I have gotten since the first take better and better quality photos. Digital is affordable, too! The fireworks/ city photos you got are neat! I admire your granny square blanket, Wendy.
    Wishing you and yours continued happy adventures. xx


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