Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Catching up time

Another year is flying by......a fresh batch of Cauliflower rice which we enjoy quite often and is much nicer than you would think ☺

We headed to the city again and this time to break up the journey we stopped at a little Cafe in a town called Yarragon......sticcado cafe and is low carb friendly and gluten free on may items too

Humpty was on the couch next to me and they said for a change he had not fallen down lol 

and a gingerbread man sitting on a donut ☺

Everyone seems to have this Himalayan salt must get me some...
Forgot to take pics of our little meal but was some very tasty meat and chicken meatballs ☺

and looks like all we do is eat, but that night decided to visit a Chinese restaurant near city place which is a short tram ride or a healthy walk.....had crispy chicken and and vegies too 

on our walk back that night (still light as daylight savings) thought my brother and bro in law would like this boat for going fishing lol 

There is also some basketball/netball rings at a park near us, my boys would love 

a bit of granny crochet to chill out 

liking this square and will make bigger till run out of this wool ☺

the following night on Friday we had these great friends who go way back.....only pic we took but a good one of us you dear friends ♥♥

They brought this bottle of Pinot Noir and love the label "the squealing pig" 
We then came back home on Saturday and had my girl and her two boys come to stay and took not one photo.....we were having too much fun chatting and laughing ♥♥

Yesterday we took a drive down and back to catch up with my boy Frank who had his 35th birthday on Sunday and I did this to his face when he was 4 as his older siblings had a fancy dress day at school and he wanted to join in the fun lol 

we met up with Misty who enjoyed a pizza 

and little Riley with his Dad who enjoyed Calamari 

Enjoying that Pizza

another of to grab the pics when you can lol 

and drawing on the face here.....wonder if he would let me now lol ☺♥

and this star blanket I have completed and gifted to my son Ray and Lauren whom seem to waiting in the new nursery at their home.
Today we had the dentist and I was all clear thank goodness....Paul had a filling with another to happen in 2 mths......eek
love to you all out there 


  1. I love seeing how you get about and see so many things, friends and family too. Good for you! Great star blanket for the new baby to come! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Busy times! I have not tried the cauliflower rice yet, but I have been using cauliflower more as a substitute for starches, and I really like it. I admire your star blanket and think you have created a treasure for your family. xx


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